(Suggestion) Multiple artists credited on 1 image

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by PhantomForest

Okay, so I think it would be a really helpful addition to have the option to credit multiple artists when uploading an image to a character's gallery.

It confuses and frustrates me when I want to upload art to one of my characters that was made using a base or collab between artists. There's only one slot to link/credit an artist, so how can I credit both? Which one do I type in the link box and what should I do to credit the other, put the link in the image description?

EDIT: my second request already happened in one of the updates also, on a side note, it would be nice to have two separate thumbnails for an image if have two characters tagged in it. For example, the image is of A and B holding hands, and you want the thumbnail in A's gallery to be cropped to a head shot, and you want it to be a close-up of B's head for B's thumbnail. hahaha sorry if that doesn't make sense! ^^''


Absolute +1, I don't do collabs myself but I know many people do do them.


+1 I've needed this many times with the art I post here. Either an artist provided me with the sketch and I colored it, or I had major edits/additions done via another artist, two artists worked together back and forth on it, or even had a different artist continue a sketch into lines/shading/etc and I still want to provide the other artist with credits. We allow the ability to connect two artist for the character's creation, so his feature would be very welcomed for artwork that is worked on by two or more as well!




1+ I tend to practice with bases or references and it would be handy if you could credit more than 1 artist, and maybe with an addition to that you can credit an on site and off site artist just in case one doesn't have a toyhouse.