Able to view all the IN CHARACTER POSTS~

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago (Edited 1 year, 4 months ago) by aaawhyme

I don't know if this is already a feature somewhere, please correct me if I'm wrong!

I think it'd be great to be able to view all the IN CHARACTER posts that you've written over time- when viewing that specific character you've written them for. Perhaps it'd be much like the Links/relationship pages? Where its a separate link on the sidebar of that character, where you can view all the posts you've written in that character.

Whether this can be seen by just you, or by the populace that views your character's page-

Not sure if this makes sense, but I'd love to see a feature like this!


Sounds cool. Also lets user know how involved the character is in the community. 


i think that would be really helpful for keeping track of forum game threads too, im super forgetful and im sure theres a bunch i forgot about ;;


this sounds like a great quality of life thing ! i post with so many characters that i get stressed out looking for one in my posts, and i would Love being able to get a feel for characterization with something like that


I'd also love this feature! I post a lot IC and being able to view them from the character's page would definitely make the characterization feel more consistent + involve things that you can't just show and tell on the bio itself. 


I would love this! Even if it's only privately visible. I often want to go back and find what I said about a character in some forum game, and it can be troublesome to find a particular post  again.


This would be great :0 I love the idea of being able to easy collect responses that way!


I would love to have this option ^u^ 


Yes, this would be awesome.


So at first I was like "yes! this would be awesome!" but then i thought about how many times i've traded off characters after using them in the forums and i'm like "omg i don't want anyone taking all that with them!"
i feel like, in theory, it's a great idea... but it might be a pain if you trade a lot (cough like me cough)-- even if it's just a private collection of all IC posts with the character, it would be ultra weird to have that transfer over, imo.   still, +1 this, if maybe that IC information gets wiped with a transfer? idk, idk.


haha i just came over to the suggestions board intending to make a thread asking for pretty much the exact same thing so i guess thats my opinion on this suggestion

but yeah i think this'd be a really good idea!! sometimes i try to find a certain post i made with a certain character but if i look at the "my posts" thing i gotta sift through a bunch of other things and at some point theres gonna be way too many pages of stuff for that to be feasible anymore. it kind of already is like that




Yes!! It would be very helpful especially since I use certain characters for certain things. And I use the forum games to elaborate on my character's personalities and interests ;o; it would be easier to find them than scrolling through everything.


This seems like a VERY cool idea, I like it a lot so I'm definitely gonna give this a +1.