[Added] "Ignore content warnings" option

Posted 11 months, 17 days ago (Edited 4 months, 18 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

(Edit: Thank you for the support! The admins have added this setting, enjoy ♥)

Another suggestion concerning the (still pretty recent) content warning update! It mays seem like it contradicts my previous one but I swear they're compatible haha- As always, it's pretty much what it says on the tin, but I'll try to develop in order how to explain why this update could be useful to some.

The content warning update is cool, and I understand why it was very well welcomed, as it makes creators more confident in adding sensitive content on their OCs' profiles, and protects sensitive people to see stuff they don't want to... But there's still a problem (or could I say, it created a problem), in my opinion, that could be solved with a simple option: the option to ignore all content warnings, just like we can ignore content filters on images, or custom CSS. (Or perhaps, just like image filters, we could even choose which kind of content warnings we would like to ignore!)

I'm the kind of person who isn't shocked nor distressed by anything, especially when it comes to written fiction. Content filters are slowly becoming really overwhelming and annoying to me, especially when creators put them on any character who isn't "100% cutesy wholesome content". I can understand why, but I don't need this. I don't even read warnings anymore and just click on the green button. It slows down my browsing, which is pretty inconvenient when I have slow internet, or even more annoying when I have to see the same warnings reappear just because I'm on another device. And I know I'm not the only one, most of my friends do too, and probably even more people I don't know :')

What I love about TH is that we can choose to use updates or not, but right now it isn't the case with content warnings, and I just thought it could be super nice if it was the case! More display settings always make the site more pleasing and accessible for everyone c:

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll like and consider this suggestion! (:

Edit (December 2018): This thread was posted before the whole "account warnings being misused" issue started to be wide-spread. I'm talking about all warnings here, including those for actual sensitive material.

And yeah, "displaying a small icon indicating that a warning does exist" is a good idea! 


Oh yes finally! The fact that this option does not exist yet is pretty annoying to me as well, and I'm glad that someone finally suggest this!!! I think that there's plenty of people in here who just ignore the warnings so it would be really useful to have such an option in my opinion :) 


I second this whole heartedly! The content warnings are an amazing feature but it would certainly be helpful for the people that aren't phased by any type of content to be able to ignore/disable them. I dont even take a single second to read what the warning actually says anymore, so it serves no purpose other than an annoyance for people who already know they're going to hit the green  button no matter what the warning says. It's an amazing feature for people with a distaste or sensitivity towards certain things, that usefulness just needs to be extended everyone :3



However there should probably be a disclaimer before a user enables that option; what I mean is that when you click on the button or whatever that disables content warnings, there should be a disclaimer that goes along the lines of “By disabling all content warnings, you are holding yourself accountable for your reaction” so people won’t go disabling content warnings and then get super whiny about it-

I’m not sure if I made sense when I said that though, just dropping my two cents here! ^^;


kinda agree with this-- BUT i think if anything, there should be like a 'you read this user's specific warning once, then you'll never see it again as long as you're logged in to this account' type of deal. as in, every time they update the warning, you'll have to give it a look-see again.
i suggest this bc people write whatever the heck ever they want in the warnings and half the time it has nothing to do with usual suspects-- once i saw 'don't be a jerk to me' more or less... or 'don't leave comments on my profile for this this and this reason' or whatever.

i feel completely overriding warnings would give people the opportunity to say "oh i want to blame you for something i saw on your page" and the other person saying "did you not read my warning on my profile?" that sort of thing. (and i KNOW a lot of people on this website refuse to read lmao but at least the warning is one step in between completely ignoring reading altogether hahfhsdhfdhfsd)

all in all i can agree that having to accept over and over for pages i've seen dozens of times is getting tedious. OTOH i feel 'ease of access' is less of a reason to completely ignore someone's/everyone's well-intentioned warnings.
double edged sword lol



I put content warnings for anything pg13+ just to be safe, but I can see how that can get obnoxious. I think only once per account is a bit of a stretch. Maybe once per individual user? Or once per log in? And have it togglable in case someone decided they really don't want to see that content.

I also don't understand why we get warnings for our own content, but people who are subscribed to us aren't, so if we could turn off that it would be excellent. 

Edit: I was thinking about it again. ^^;


+1 to this definitely!! I'm the same way when it comes to fiction and not having that option makes browsing in general a bit tougher haha. I think there should be a disclaimer though.


i would love this. i 100% understand why others might want content warnings & think it's a good feature for those who need it, but personally it's just a mild inconvenience to me when trying to get to profiles. i don't dislike the feature or anything but if i had the option to turn it off it would be appreciated !


Please, I've been coming across these a lot lately and they're driving me crazy. Being able to 100% absolutely disable any form of warning is exactly what I came to these forums to request.

EDIT: Pre-empting an issue that exists on DA, perhaps a profile that is gated by a warning could display a small icon indicating that a warning does exist. Making that icon clickable in order to view the warning isn't a terrible stretch from that point.


Yeah, I've been seeing lots of these and they're pretty annoying. 


+1 having to click thru a warning almost every single time i look at someone's profile/character is super frustrating and i don't get offended or upset by anything i read so having the option to disable them would be great 🙏


+1 please I want this so bad haha


+1. I get why the system exists, but I really don't need it, the only things that get to me are never gonna be on a character page or user profile. Lemme just get to them characters, I often see the warnings abused. I don't care that your character isn't for sale, or be told to not be a thief, like hey I got common sense. But, I still also see a good number of genuine warnings, at least.

Another good idea might be instead of just the custom text box you have to put in a category(or more, depending.) along with your warning, like image filters. Of course that will still have annoying people using every option to just say "I made this :)" but well, it's still possible to fully disable, or partially disable for the actual legit warnings.