Suggest: "Ignore content warnings" option

Posted 6 months, 25 days ago (Edited 1 month, 2 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Another suggestion concerning the (still pretty recent) content warning update! It mays seem like it contradicts my previous one but I swear they're compatible haha- As always, it's pretty much what it says on the tin, but I'll try to develop in order how to explain why this update could be useful to some.

The content warning update is cool, and I understand why it was very well welcomed, as it makes creators more confident in adding sensitive content on their OCs' profiles, and protects sensitive people to see stuff they don't want to... But there's still a problem (or could I say, it created a problem), in my opinion, that could be solved with a simple option: the option to ignore all content warnings, just like we can ignore content filters on images, or custom CSS. (Or perhaps, just like image filters, we could even choose which kind of content warnings we would like to ignore!)

I'm the kind of person who isn't shocked nor distressed by anything, especially when it comes to written fiction. Content filters are slowly becoming really overwhelming and annoying to me, especially when creators put them on any character who isn't "100% cutesy wholesome content". I can understand why, but I don't need this. I don't even read warnings anymore and just click on the green button. It slows down my browsing, which is pretty inconvenient when I have slow internet, or even more annoying when I have to see the same warnings reappear just because I'm on another device. And I know I'm not the only one, most of my friends do too, and probably even more people I don't know :')

What I love about TH is that we can choose to use updates or not, but right now it isn't the case with content warnings, and I just thought it could be super nice if it was the case! More display settings always make the site more pleasing and accessible for everyone c:

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll like and consider this suggestion! (:

Edit (December 2018): This thread was posted before the whole "account warnings being misused" issue started to be wide-spread. I'm talking about all warnings here, including those for actual sensitive material.

And yeah, "displaying a small icon indicating that a warning does exist" is a good idea! 


+1 Definitely.

What I'm finding most frustrating on this site is people abusing the content warnings to put stuff like "DON'T STEAL MY CHARACTERS!!!" (basically exactly what VincentVanGoat said is what I'm talking about). I'm really getting tired of having to click through these content warnings when I just want to look at the character page. Especially since it's such a common occurrence.

I also like Antimoany's idea of the warning symbol. Because at least you can see there is a warning but you don't have to be bombarded by annoying messages that take up the whole screen until you click the button.


1+ Please !!! 





I'd love to have this! I'm really not interested in reading people's "don't steal" warnings, and I don't really get bothered by anything so I don't read them at all usually


I'm joining everyone on this topic. It's quite annoying to have a "do not steal my characters" warning whenever I try to view someone's character. Of course, I'm not going to steal it, this shouldn't even be asked for. And if I was a theft, your warning would probably change nothing to it. 




+1 for the same reason pretty much everyone is here: 80% of the content warnings I have to click through are “don’t steal my” honestly I don’t even read them anymore. Fortunately I don’t have any content/trigger issues but I’m sure for people who do it’s really a pain. 


+1 because of the abuse. It would be good if one could turn off specifically user and character CWs individually, as character CWs are more bulky and they're less subject to abuse. As they are now nobody even reads any content warnings because they're incredibly overused.




+1 I'm exactly the same OP, and would love to be able to bypass them in general!


Also extra suggestion: Add Beefy's suggestion of making warning checkboxes based on certain content like NSFW characters, gore or other sensitive contents and adding that: we can choose what kind of content we want to ignore or not.

For an example, I wouldn't need warnings for NSFW characters but I still need them on characters with gore or body horror.



I do use warnings, but only for my characters. However, since I've been getting sick of the misuse of warnings, such as "Please do not steal my characters!!!11!1!" and stuff like that, I think this should be implemented. On the other hand, there are warnings that are like REALLY long, that I have to scroll down to press the button above the "no thanks" button.



i am not sensitive to fictional content so not only do i not care about content warnings, but them being misused is usually the case and its super fucking annoying



I thought I had already commented here tbh but yeah I agree! I love the fact I'm able to put my more questionable characters behind a warning screen for people who know they have things they'd rather not see, but I personally don't need warnings! And as others have already expressed, it slows down browsing and I no longer really even read them because of the misuse of them. The worst is some characters always give me the warning despite not having cleaned my browsing history 


yes. +1 THIS.

i am less likely to care about a character or will just close the page before even getting to the character if I see these CONSTANT warnings.