Suggestion - ACHIEVED "Sub-Gallery Tab Type"

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 6 months, 28 days ago) by mamasaurus

Would you have use/interest in a feature like this

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UPDATE 2 : Sub-Gallery Tab Type


With the new "Sub-Gallery" Tab type thats been slipped in, I'd like to update that this suggestion has been 100% achieved on site, and I'm so grateful, its perfect and I love it ;u;
Thank you TH Staff! Even if they didn't see this suggestion and planned doing it either way, its much appreciated by many who commented below, and we're grateful <3

UPDATE: The new "Flattened" Folders option lets us achieve the nearly the desired effect!!!

This is an idea I've been thinking about a lot, and I tried to make a table/buttons for my characters in the Folder Descriptions before so that I could display them in sections, but it just isn't effective!
I think this would be AMAZING, especially with the new ability to view many many characters per page!!

The suggestion would be, to allow inserting dividers that are semi-customization, within character folders, and galleries!

Here is an example showing how this would be helpful to writers, or RP'ers who have different characters for different environments, all within the same "world" or story.
And yes yes, I know that you can make sub-folders!! But who is going to rifle through tens of sub folders? No one does, they'll just click "View All" so they can glance through everything more efficiently.
Having large sections of characters in one folder is amazing, especially with viewing so many per page now,
but being able to add dividers would make it PERFECT;


Another Usage would be characters you're looking to rehome! Instead of having many individual folders for, SALE, TRADE, SALE OR TRADE, CS, UNIQUE/One Off Designs,
I've seen even, Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, ect. For how attached someone is, or who they'll allow to adopt...
Thats a lot of folders, and then even have "Pending" folder for things you're waiting payment on;
Instead, have Everything you're rehoming in one folder, with dividers!;

(please note that none of these characters are actually up for trade/sale lol)
The Divider titles would have a character limit, and possibly a short description as well. Maybe even a color key option?

They could be used to offer brief explanations of a family unit,
These could be used to organize different species into sections, and the description could link to that species' information,

Another place I'd like to see dividers would be within galleries!!! This would be amazing for shapeshifters, outfit sections, or even dividing the tiny icons/chibis/full art potentially!


Currently, i'm using custom dividers like these for my sona;

7598544_B9b.png?1525886935 7598009_yVD.png?1525886240
because she has SO much art. I thought about putting her different forms into "tabs" on her profile, but those don't feel right because they are out of the way, and most people don't explore tabs. I like having all her art within one gallery, but having better dividers to seperate her shapeshift forms would be amazing!! :D
These could be used for Shapeshift forms, Art Types, Art sizes, design changes, to mark Outdated art/do not reference, Age, outfits, era, ect...!

I love the folders so very much, but I dream of being able to have each of my "worlds" together, in sections, labeled as to what they do or who they are, for the absolute most visually pleasing viewing for myself and others.

Thank you for looking!!!!


Oh my gosh!! I honestly can't speak for everyone but I know myself I would DEFINITELY use this feature!!! I have so many characters that belong in the same world but I hate cramming them all into one folder because it just looks so clustered ;-; If we could have one folder but dividers in said folder it would definitely HELP!! 

For me, as an example, I have a village setup with all my little Birdfolk and Guumis; plus their deities (in my headcannon) do with the dividers it would be easier with ones such as "deities," "villagers," "wanderers," etc. Plus being able to have a short blurb about them in the dividers so people understand what each section is for. 

I honestly believe this would be a HUGE help for everyone, including RPers and Writers on this site ^w^ As well as what you spoke of with selling and trading. It'd definitely be easier to have one folder with each divided section for "selling," "trading," and a "pending" section or even sections of "easy" "medium" etc for the value you place on adopting. 



Orielyn Thanks!! Ah yeah! You definitely do have a good use for it then haha!  
Thanks for supporting!! 


the gallery stuff was suggested before in a similar fashion; i believe minsu offered this as an alternative:

  • Character Page QoL
    • A customizable section for images with a editable title. Used for "Reference" images or whatever else.
it's in the to-do list right now.

ETA i know it's not exactly what you're asking for but it at least shows they're interested in the concept!


I would sell a kidney for these features. Love the look of your mock-ups, those look really stunning! 


Nonstop  I know I saw that!! I LOVE it! I wanted to bring this specific idea to light though because it seems like a very simple thing to integrate, and hopefully will catch the eye of those constructing the changes! :D

ElithianFox  HAHA I KNOW RIGHT?? Thanks!!

Kadrina  Thanks for support!!

thanks, but I said in the OP that I knew about tabs and didn't want to use it for such. Having everything in one place feels infinitely more cohesive and clean, save for the clutter of misc forms ect being together. I've tried tabs in the past, but they essentially act as a seperate character entity, which is cool for some things, but not for the organization I want. ^^
Thanks though!


this'd be great so i can sort out AU art within galleries ;o; (as i don't want to put it all in tabs bc that means having like 8+ tabs no thanks) +1


AlleycatIrony  oh heck yes that too! XD


I support and would love to see this, I'm all for organizing!


Oh gosh this is really nice! +1


Thanks guys!!! :D 


This looks gorgeous I would love it for the folder stuff :O


Kirbygal Thanks!!
ever since i posted this i keep thinking of more things i'd use it for! XD