Family tree option?

Posted 9 months, 8 days ago (Edited 4 months, 15 days ago) by Scintillate

I’m currently exploring a website that has a bunch of cool features for writers that world-build. And one of the features was a family tree you could add characters to.

So that got me thinking. What if had a family tree option? Like links, but you could connect many characters at once. And each icon would have a space that would hold names, and it would automatically generate familial relationships between the characters based on where you put them?

And you wouldn’t have to put in every generation to connect them. Like, I have one character, and then another who is descended from the first; so I could just use a “descended from” option instead of uploading every generation in between.

(And one more suggestion aaa) What if we could make slots on the family tree without putting a character IN the slot? Say I have two characters who have the same dad, but the dad doesn’t have a page; I could make the “father” slot to connect them, but I wouldn’t put an actual character link in

Idk. It’d probably be a lot of coding, but wouldn’t it be cool? :0

Edit 9/25/18: more ideas for this

  • Able to name the entire tree (ex: “the Falls”)
  • Able to add other people’s characters
  • Automatically remove a character link if transferred but won’t remove the actual slot
  • Option to put in gender so links can be gender-appropriate (ex: niece, nephew, nibling)
  • “Adopted/foster/etc” options
  • “Outliers;” put slots for unspecified members of the family
  • Be able to make links private/authorized/certain list so they appear as “outliers” to all but them and you
  • Family tree “toggle”; if one character marries into the family, you could click a button and you’d be taken to THEIR family tree.
Edit 2/2/19:
  • Option to make “hierarchical trees” for organizations rather than families
  • Able to add characters to multiple family trees

This would be awesome to have.~<3 +1 (x100000000000)




Scintillate nah yours is older than mine!! i made mine only a few days before commenting!!


pova ah I see ^^


+1 - Just started fleshing out a large vampire coven and this would certainly help!


+1 this sounds like a great idea!!!!!!!!


+1 this would be a great feature and help.


+1 I would love it if this were added ;v;


+1 This would be highly useful  for my characters highly confusing and large family tree.



Yessss this would make things so much easier, I don't really like the link option set up on here tbh 


Yes yes yesssss I LOVE THIS IDEA +1