Rules for account-wide content warnings

Posted 8 months, 11 days ago by boylarva99

Account-wide content warnings are a great feature of this site, but lately I’ve seen many instances of them being misused. People commonly use them to tell others not to steal, copy or trace their work, which is redundant as the rules of the site already forbid art theft. I’ve also seen people use this feature to advertise their sales threads among other things. I think you’ll agree with me that neither of these examples are those of genuine content warnings and that there should be a rule against the misuse of this feature.


That would be amazing. I'm so tired of seeing these content warnings that aren't really content warnings and clicking away out of principle. Would be nice to see less abuse!


100% agree... its kinda annoying how many profiles i click on to get the content warning that says "dont steal or copy my characters!" when it is both in the site rules, and.... common sense. like people who do these things know it's wrong & just dont care, you stating not to isnt going to change anything & sort of just looks obnoxious? i feel like its becoming more prominent cuz people are seeing others do it and copying it ' _ '; bad trend, all the result is now ppl dont bother to read the content warnings & thus will miss anything that's actually worth a warning


Pyatiugolnik Being able to turn it off won’t solve the underlying issue. That’s just forcing people to either put up with the broken feature or to not use it at all.


+1. I don't even read warnings anymore because this is so prevalent (I agree with wicked+kadrina). So far I haven't hit anything that makes me regret this decision but I honestly feel "don't steal, don't kin, don't be a jerk" are all common sense things and don't need to be on a content warning alert. This isn't the abyssal corners of tumblr, for goodness' sake.

There's also someone here where they're using the content warningas sale/trade availability notices and I think that's just silly. Especially when you can only see it once in a session? I click 'ok' and go through and that's it, the info is out of my reach without restarting my whole browser.


I don't think that there should be explicit rules about the usage of this feature but I do agree that this is kind of a big problem! I would like to at least see some sort of reminder posted on the warning edit page, similar to the reminder alert about what threads are to be posted in the Design Marketplace, so that people keep this in mind.

(I also would like to have the option to turn off the warnings entirely, otherwise! I do use the warnings to warn others about my own content, but personally I don't need to see them at all, so it's just excess clicking for me.)



I used to have a warning that appears account-wide, but I had that taken down since.


I think a good solution to this problem would just to have a separate pop-up (in another color... maybe blue?) for other messages which are not content warnings.
And that way people who don't want to see "don't steal/trace/trade information ect ect" can turn off the warnings, but still leave the content warnings in-tact.

This way everyone is happy. If there is any misuse (and there will be, I'm sure) a ticket can be made and the mods could easily switch the warning to the appropriate one.


As Wicked said, people tend not to read the content warnings anymore because of the prevalent misuse of the feature -- I found myself not even bothering to skim through warnings, some days -- when I really should, because I find content that troubles me after the fact.


+1 I wish there was a type of report or something, like "not an actual content warning".

like, stealing characters is an obvious "dont do it", i really dont need another added thing shoved in my face.


Just dropping by to show my support +1 :)