My memory is... quite poor, and I have trouble remembering to go through the multi-step process of getting to a world's page to get notifications for it, so having the world's notifications show up in the top bar of the main site with threads and such would do wonders for my ability to run one. Even if all world notifications are along the lines of "[world] has activity!" and I have to then click to the world in question, it's better than accidentally letting, like, a join request sit for a month.

Apologies if this was suggested before, I didn't see a similar thread when I looked.


this would be a really good idea...honestly worlds seem like such a neglected feature on here you cant even search for them


It really seems like something that was overlooked? Support from me as well.


+1, I wish there was more of a focus on worlds


+1 definitely a feature I would use, I made a thread but it got buried.  I run worlds to organize my various different projects and information for them, and I have a lot so having to manually check each one is rather time consuming.


+1 so this doesn’t get buried.. the flower fiend world \\ community thing doesn’t give me any notifs, so I have to compulsively check if any planners have any ideas for something that isn’t in pms..


Just bumping this


Super +1.


+1 here too.


+1 Worlds on here is definitely a neglected feature; it would be nice for them to be more accessible. 


+1 , Please , this is now the bane of trying to run a world and it's annoying me so much. Why wasn't it added in someway I won't understand. 


+1 ! Worlds are def one of my fave features on the site and im pretty sure theyre one of the most neglected feature like Peridotite said


pleaaaaaseee. +1