Bug? Front page feature characters

Posted 3 months, 9 days ago (Edited 3 months, 9 days ago) by Stormchi

Don't recently faved characters stay on the page for a day? It's been over a week for some and they haven't gotten any more favs.

Edit: Wow my first post in character bug


I've been experiencing this too! _:3TL Only a couple changed one day, but otherwise it's always the same characters omg


featured is determined by an algorithm based on number of favs & the speed at which the faves are obtained (so like a character that gets 50 favs in an hour would be launched to the top, a character that gets 50 favs over a year may never see featured) - usually new characters show up here cuz most characters get the bulk of their favs when they are first uploaded. you do not need to personally fav a character to make them stay in featured - i get featured characters that i have never fav'd ! they are simply pooled from all your followers & follow the algorithm. if you don't follow a lot of people, the people you follow aren't uploading new characters, or someone uploaded a character that just been getting a lot of favs the character may stay there for multiple days. i dont follow a ton of people so i often have featured characters that stay there for days

(i'm assuming you mean the personal featured - if you mean the "popular" featured that pulls from the whole site, its the same concept - a character can remain for a few days if they are getting a lot of favs, or if there aren't any characters being uploaded that are getting favs. sometimes TH just has slow weeks!)


Exoddeon Same problem here :/


Having this issue as well. Been the same characters for a while now.


Same here. I used to take a peek at the page occasionally to see if there were any characters from who I follow that might be interesting to take a peek at, but now I completely ignore it because it is just clogged up with too many characters who haven’t gotten faves in weeks. Some of my own characters are on there that I know haven’t gotten recent faves, and they just won’t go away like they’re supposed to. :/


Ahh I didn't think it was still ongoing since I stopped checking the featured box for some time, checking again now it's really clogged ackk
Though it's a bit of a small feature of TH I really would like this fixed!

bumping too >>