[Suggestion] Alternate Versions of an Image (+324)

Posted 10 months, 8 days ago (Edited 18 days, 23 hours ago) by tigeus

Do you think this should be implemented?

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HI THERE !!!! Just a quick little suggestion that I've had on the mind but never thought to bring up, as is with many things |D !!!

But I know that, personally, I tend to end up with quite a few pieces of art that have alternative versions - sometimes one with lighting, one without, you know - and I'd love to display both, but I fear that it'd look a bit bulky in the gallery to post the alternatives separately!
I didn't have anything specific to suggest other than, basically, just a broad feature where a picture can have different versions without having to post separately - but I hope this is some food for thought <3

Edit: Gosh guys, thanks for all of the support! I've been racking up a lot of commissions lately that have alternative versions and I'm needing this more than ever - glad to hear I'm not the only one hoping!


Ooh this sounds interesting; I could see it being used for drawing process pics too like for wips and stuff (?) And I'm sure I have more than one type of the same drawing too. It reminds me of how Instagram lets you put up to 10 pics on one post, and I find it useful lol. So yeah I would like this idea lolol


Kirbygal AHH oh my gosh, thank you! ;_; YES I was totally just thinking that, too - I've gotten a lot of progress pictures that look AWESOME as well that I'd love to have on display, but can't excuse having them separate..!

BUT The instagram feature is TOTALLY what i was getting at, that sort of flip-book, several-in-one system I think would work really nicely <33 thanks for chipping in!


I love the idea, but it sounds like it would be difficult to implement with the current set-up :<

Neat idea, though! o/



i don't have a lot of alt versions of images but when i do, it's like... 10 of the same image with different color options .__.


(In hindsight, I think a feature like this might also apply to people who have comic strips of their characters, and the like..? (Plus, an "add to total count" toggle (the total images the characters has) could come in handy here!))


Id love this :0 !!




Aaa yes!! I’ve thought about a feature like this several times for situations like when I have a piece of art with a transparent background version and a version with a background, and I wish there was a way to upload both images in the same “place” per se, rather than uploading them separately in the character’s gallery.



This would be so nice, man...



Good idea!


All of these additional suggestions and thoughts have been so lovely!! :D Thank you guys! I've still been collecting art with alternate versions that are just itching to be a part of it all!


+ 1! This could also work for fullbodies of characters that have different pallet schemes or refs like that!


I would also love if you could set privacy options for them separately! For example, letting guests only see a smaller version, or a censored version of NSFW images.