[Suggestion] Alternate Versions of an Image (+324)

Posted 10 months, 8 days ago (Edited 19 days, 35 minutes ago) by tigeus

Do you think this should be implemented?

330 Votes Yes!
14 Votes No!

HI THERE !!!! Just a quick little suggestion that I've had on the mind but never thought to bring up, as is with many things |D !!!

But I know that, personally, I tend to end up with quite a few pieces of art that have alternative versions - sometimes one with lighting, one without, you know - and I'd love to display both, but I fear that it'd look a bit bulky in the gallery to post the alternatives separately!
I didn't have anything specific to suggest other than, basically, just a broad feature where a picture can have different versions without having to post separately - but I hope this is some food for thought <3

Edit: Gosh guys, thanks for all of the support! I've been racking up a lot of commissions lately that have alternative versions and I'm needing this more than ever - glad to hear I'm not the only one hoping!


I like this idea, especially if an alternative version doesn't add to the image count.


I often do alternative versions of the same picture (one with digital adjustments and the other without them because I love both of them) and this feature would be very useful. Could even be useful for WIPs.


+1 I need this so much, I don't like when I have three-four versions of the same image, it looks ugly in the gallery, but sometimes I really can't pick one version to save, because both are great! ;o; it would be so lovely to have the function to save all of them in 'pack', like it was in the Instagram!


There's already been tons of wonderful ideas but +1! Also useful for refs with different outfits, because to me putting them in the same picture looks strange sometimes


+1 big time!! I constantly save different versions of a picture or save various wips and/or options to choose from when designing characters, and I think it would be extremely helpful to somehow link all of the versions of a single image together!




+1 to this! I would love to have a feature like this, especially for putting not just variants of differnet art together, but also references of my character's different forms together in the same place instead of in separate tabs!


Slightly different forms (or maybe even outfits) are the main reason I'd like this. I seem to be doing a lot of slight variations on anatomy lately.


+1. i really like this idea and i feel like itd help out a lot.