[Suggestion] Alternate Versions of an Image (+162)

Posted 3 months, 30 days ago (Edited 1 day, 7 hours ago) by tigeus

Do you think this should be implemented?

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HI THERE !!!! Just a quick little suggestion that I've had on the mind but never thought to bring up, as is with many things |D !!!

But I know that, personally, I tend to end up with quite a few pieces of art that have alternative versions - sometimes one with lighting, one without, you know - and I'd love to display both, but I fear that it'd look a bit bulky in the gallery to post the alternatives separately!
I didn't have anything specific to suggest other than, basically, just a broad feature where a picture can have different versions without having to post separately - but I hope this is some food for thought <3

Edit: Gosh guys, thanks for all of the support! I've been racking up a lot of commissions lately that have alternative versions and I'm needing this more than ever - glad to hear I'm not the only one hoping!


Thank you all SO much again for all of your fantastic suggestions!! I thought I might compile them into a comment just to stick 'em all in one place :D 

Possible Applications

  • For NSFW and SFW versions of images (with different privacy settings on alternative pictures!) (@amymist)
  • For drawings or references with alternative color palettes! (@Airlie)
  • Drawings that have a transparent background and a full background (for example), but still the same subject. (@Silken)
  • Progress pictures, or different iterations of the same concept. (@Kadrina) (@Kirbygal)
  • And, alternatively, as this function sort of serves as a bit of a 'sub-gallery' (Galleries within galleries), I've been thinking more about pictures that are quite individual but still follow a narrative and would take up a bit of space - so, think, little comic strips that people don't want to post individually, but still want to be available OR to be read in an order!
And for fun, I put together a little mock-up of what this could, possibly, look like from the outside!


So this is one of the thumbnails from my gallery with a little makeshift 'gallery' symbol on it (as inspired by Toyhou.se's content warning symbols!) - though unfortunately, from the view of the whole gallery, it's actually quite subtle, so something larger and more indicative might fare better. But I thought I'd offer some food for thought, regardless! ;u;

Thanks again folks! Really crossing my fingers for this one!






My full support +1


As someone who makes a lot of alterations on drawing, yes. YES YES YES EYDSBS


+1 for sure!!! this is an amazing idea imo! i always like drawing characters that have coats/other outerwear both with and without it and having it so you could just toggle between them instead of having to upload basically the same image twice would be fantastic


Big +1. Also a barumpity bump.


Supported! I tend to have shaded and non-shaded versions of drawings and I think this option would be helpful!