[Suggestion] Favorites folders

Posted 3 months, 30 days ago by pkmnGSC

I would love to have folders within my favorites. I favorite Characters I like, characters I'm interested in buying, characters I'm going to draw, layouts I like, etc.... And having them all in one section is kind of a mess. It'd be great to be able to sort them.




i was just thinking abt this today so +1! i'd love to be able to organise them bc they're a mess atm ;w;



Yes !! so i don't have to use my side account to fav less favourites design and previously owned design i want to keep track of QQ


+1111111111111 I would love to organize it so bad ;o;


Commented here,

"We are looking at ways to make the favorites section more navigatable! It may not be folders but I promise we're looking at it."


Boosting. I really want to see something like this sooner rather than later, as I'm having the same problem. It's hard to wade through all of my faves to find a specific thing I was looking for. I have codes, things i wanna buy, things i just actually like, etc. all in there. it's a messssss