[Suggestion] Favorites folders

Posted 10 months, 8 days ago by FURBII

I would love to have folders within my favorites. I favorite Characters I like, characters I'm interested in buying, characters I'm going to draw, layouts I like, etc.... And having them all in one section is kind of a mess. It'd be great to be able to sort them.


i was just thinking abt this today so +1! i'd love to be able to organise them bc they're a mess atm ;w;



Yes !! so i don't have to use my side account to fav less favourites design and previously owned design i want to keep track of QQ


+1111111111111 I would love to organize it so bad ;o;


Commented here,

"We are looking at ways to make the favorites section more navigatable! It may not be folders but I promise we're looking at it."


Boosting. I really want to see something like this sooner rather than later, as I'm having the same problem. It's hard to wade through all of my faves to find a specific thing I was looking for. I have codes, things i wanna buy, things i just actually like, etc. all in there. it's a messssss


sorry to necro, but i just thought about this and did a quick search and this was the most recent topic talking about it
pleeease please!!! i need some sort of organization!!
my favorites are stacking up fast and id like to be able to sort them into folders like on deviantart! ;o;


vampyric this has already been implemented. go to settings, scroll down until you see 'favorites folders'.


vampyric // This feature actually exists! :0c


Beed oh what? i must not have been extremely active around the time that happened then, thank you! (perhaps making it more visible would be in order then? like a little tip when you look at your own favorites page saying that you can do this and how to do it?)
Jolly thank you as well! ;u;

shows how much i go poking around in my settings akghdkjgh


vampyric lol it's not that you're oblivious; toyhouse's wont when fixing/making new live features is to not announce it lolo.
however, they are trying to start using a changelog. you can subscribe to it to see new updates now. https://toyhou.se/~forums/18.announcements/94676.changelog

imho the website has never been user friendly so a lot of things are definitely a learning process (not that its a bad thing)-- i don't think you'll get your tip/suggestion implemented though...