[Suggestion]Hiding tags on Character profile(+106)

Posted 6 months, 4 hours ago (Edited 23 hours, 20 minutes ago) by FakeOwl

So ?

106 Votes YES
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Added the number like some other threads, its a good Idea !

(let me know if a thread like this already exist !)

I plan on the future, to organise my character better, to use tags, a LOT of tags, maybe ?
and i've noticed while looking at other characters, that having too much tags looks weird on a profile, like that:
It was exaggerated of course, but at least you can see what im talking about


It may be nice, like on character directory, to be able to hide the tags to avoid such thing ? what do you think ?

Suggested by celestiials : maybe if it's possible you could select which tags to hide? (like for me I'd probably just hide "v" since that's just a personal tag for me about which characters are visible and which are not haha)



I do have my characters set to unlisted but I also have private stories that I don't want people knowing about tagged together, for projects that are unreleased. You can't see the character but you can still see the tag with the project title and that bothers me. I know I could just untag them or set them in different folders but I also like to keep tags for specific subcategories within the groups for art purposes or to indicate different factions that don't merit a folder of their own. This might be me being anal though. 


Yes!! +1 i love this idea




Oof this would be so helpful... I don't use tags myself b/c they're so ugly IMO, so it'd be nice to be able to have the functionality without them being visible. :')




a very big +1 from me, i use a lot of tags on my characters and consequently have several characters like this one: newcanvas2_by_stormystarlight_dd2gfhn-fu i really love the functionality of all the tags i use so theres no way ill be getting rid of any of them anytime soon, but its really quite annoying to have to scroll down to see the actual content on certain characters' profiles.


+1 to this, TH pleaaasE! Tags are always a good way to organize, group together and to overall find characters easier, but the way they look all clunky is terrible. I avoided using them a lot during my old account just because of it. 100 percent for this!




Uuhuhuhuhhu I want this to be real, I really want to use an unending list of tags, but I stop myself because of that QQ