Hidden/special tags?

Posted 6 months, 6 days ago (Edited 6 months, 6 days ago) by Katvines

I was thinking about this earlier while organizing my characters by tags, and I think special/hidden tags would be really useful?
I'm very picky about what tags I have, what they're called, and want to be as organized as I can with as little folders/tags as I can.
I realized I didn't want my M.O.P (Means of purchase) displayed on their profile as it's "easy to miss" and people tend to ignore it, I feel like keeping it in the tags would be easier for me and it'd be more obvious.
My only issue with this is that you can search by tags. If I wanted "Purchased" as a tag, there'd be no problem but if I wanted "Trade" as a tag there'd be one as you can search up "trade"
and people would think the character is UFT/S, when they aren't. Or if I put it as "Traded" it'd seem as if the character isn't mine, and just pending to someone.

I feel having tags having visibility settings would be handy and neat? You can have "Purchased", "Trade", "Gift", etc as tags set to your eyes only so others won't try and offer on characters that
are NFT/S or just to keep it organized without having to skim through 30 tags trying to deselect the trades tag when you're selling some of your characters. (For those of you who do use a bunch of tags)
Or even for random uses like- me and my wife draw a lot of each others characters, but I do have OC's I don't feel would suit her style that well/she doesnt want to draw them, and could create a "Wife" tag
that I could set to one of the authorized lists you can make, can see. I know I could just have her have her own tag now, and not care what others think but it's more-so just the cleaner organization I want? I
already have a "LF art" tag for when I commission people and can't pick who I want drawn- but I dont.. really fancy the idea of having a public tags for people who have authorized lists for a reason.

I'm currently using the "pink is the best color sorry i dont make the rules" color theme (I love the names BTW, give whoever did them a raise), and this could be changed to fit per theme obviously but I think it could be organized like this?
weeeep_by_captain_starburst_dcu1jj2-fullHaving regular "public" tags be like how they are now, and color-coded (depending on your theme + the visibility settings). "Wife" being set to the custom list (one color for the custom lists, I feel custom color is too much but could be a thing?)
"S", "T", and "G" (sale/trade/gift) a different color because their visibility is set to my eyes only, so others can't find them via that tag.
Ignore some of my tags- I'm still cleaning them but I think you guys get it?

Sorry if theres a similar thing out already and I just havent found/noticed it yet, but i think this would be a helpful thing to add in later since I know they've got other things on their plate atm.


+1 I have characters I'd like to tag with spoilers, without spoiling people. And also for the reasons mentioned.




+1, I think this could also be used for MCF'ing in a way, which would be nice. (I'm a minor but I'm thinking of others here.)