Suggestion: Original Creator can see their designs

Posted 1 month, 11 days ago (Edited 6 days, 6 hours ago) by Princess-TF-ofAzurel

I have a habit of stalking my old designs to see where the ended up, just out of pure curiosity, but I noticed that sometimes the person they end up with puts them on private, and the design disappears from my design list completely. I noticed this when I kept old transfers in my notifications. It's fine if people want to keep their designs private, but I feel like the original creator should be able to see where they went at least? Even if it just takes you to the "ownership" tab. 

Maybe I'm the only one who wants this? I like checking to see if my design eventually found a loving home, especially when they get art. It makes me proud and feel warm inside. 


Edit 1/17: I honestly mean no ill will with this suggestion, and I completely understand the argument against it, I won't argue. I think at very least it should still show up in the creator's design box, or perhaps an option on part of the design holder to give permission to the designer to see where, but not necessarily everything?

There's still flaws to this idea. I fully respect every down-vote 


Is there anyway to instead just show that the character wasn't deleted and maybe the current owner? So if it went to the ownership page, but nothing about the character itself was shown. Would that be better than designers having full access, or would that still be a bit of an issue? I know I've given away some designs that ended up private and I do not care that they were, just that they belong to someone by not being deleted, and I imagine that the ownership page, or a thumbnail(That could be dummied out to the TH logo if privacy is that big of a concern.) and character name in the character list, with the usual sign of a hidden character by it, I have two hidden characters, that icon they have, the circle with the x in it. Or the lock if it is authorized access only.

But full access? Not really needed, so I can't support that fully. I think the ownership page visibility is good, or at least the transfer log being visible.


+1 for just showing up under your design tab :)