FIXED!!! Preventing UFS/T Charas from being free

Posted 8 months, 6 days ago (Edited 5 months, 28 days ago) by _exxus_

Basically here's my hot take lmao.....

Too often I browse the characters in search of free characters, only for people to slap that label on a character thats UFT/S. Its. So. Annoying! It's dishonest and clogs the tag. 

A suggestion would to be to prevent people from marking characters as 'free' if theyre already marked in any other sale category, because seriously. It's really ridiculous at this point, and SO annoying to have to sort through tons of characters that aren't even FREE. If I'm looking for characters, I don't want to have to continue to sort through ones that aren't free. (If you do this please consider stopping!)

EDIT AS OF 2/28/19: THANK YOU ADMINS!! This issue has been fixed!!


I don't buy/sell characters at all, but this seems like something that should obviously be in place. Support.


It is abuse of a feature, imho. A quick report button would also fix it right up, and frankly should already be there.



if someone is posting their entire th in design marketplace, you can report the thread as "incorrect forum" (there's a button in the top right!) and the admins will move it to adoption center!

i also like this suggestion, support! it feels a lot like an underhanded way to get more publicity by listing the character as free :V


+1, feels like an oversight that this wasn't already in place tbh


+1, why was this not already in place?


+1 I was actually considering posting about this a couple weeks ago, but backed out because I thought I was maybe being too petty about a feature not a lot of people actually used. I'm glad people agree that this needs to be changed. It's abuse of a loophole, and really needs to stop.


yes please.

I'm too scared to even ask for anything under free because..........most aren't even free it turns out. Pretty sure people are abusing it knowing more people will look at free lists over buy lists. :u


+1 Yeah I agree, I've often looked for characters and when I look for free it's a pain when you find them and they're not free.


+1... It's pretty obviously clogging up the free tag, and it makes no sense... Like, nobody is going to buy your character if you list it as free, because it's supposed to be free.


Just gonna bump this


+1. It's so annoying.


bringing this back, because its scummy and people are still doing it.