Linking with offsite or canon characters?

Posted 7 months, 28 days ago by lewnatic

I do a lot of off-site RP and use this site to host profiles and save information for my reference. I would really like to be able to use the Links formatting to show my character's relationships, but none of my RP partners are on and I'm not sure if they'd have an interest in joining.
I'm not sure if it's too simplistic of a solution, but I'd really like to simply be able to add a link by adding a name and icon, having it function as though I were linking two of my own characters. This could also make it possible to create links with very minor characters in one's setting, who they might not necessarily want to make a full profile for.

I figure there might be some issues with it--one that comes to mind is it would potentially be possible to "fake" a link with an on-site creator. Perhaps there could be a signifier to show that these links are both being written by one character.

Does anyone else have any other thoughts on this?


I would honestly really like a feature like this!! Especially for links to minor characters in settings that don't necessarily need actual profiles.


+1 YAS



That would indeed be fun! It can also help add links to characters you don't feel warrant a full profile of their own, like pets.



I have a few characters that have interactions w/canon characters that I'd like to note down (outside of slapping it somewhere in their profile bc that can get messy)


+1, this would be great and I would definitely use it! For example I had an arc in my pokemon trainersona's story where she met and battled ith the canon character N, I scrapped it upon hitting up TH but it still would be good to have.






+1 I have friends who don't want to get or struggle with it too much so they avoid it, so this would help out A LOT!


You can add a "link" category in your character's profile, like most people do, with a picture and a link to their outside profile. It sure would not be in the "official" link category but it's still in their profile. I do that for secondary characters (like siblings) who have no profile.


+1 because then i could clear out a lot of tabs on oc profiles


+1 !!! this would honestly be so so so helpful...


+1 This would help a lot!! I have multitudes of characters that interact with a canon character or more and a place to list or keep those would be so nice~


+1 !!! This would help quite a bit!!


+1! I personally have offsite characters listed in my characters' bios, but I think this would be a super helpful feature nonetheless!


+1 oh heck yeah! >:3c