Co-owned Characters.

Posted 5 months, 8 days ago by Lucrecia

There should be a co-owner box in the character page when you make a new one. A lot of people just make separate toyhouses for the co-owned characters and tag each other in it. But it'd be really nice if it just popped up in both peoples character list and when you uploaded art it would update both. It just feels like it could be a very nice feature for people instead of having to upload in fill out information separately.


Just to clarify this a bit more, essentially an option for co-owners, like how there is a section for Designers, Creators, etc.. One for having a co-owner that also links to the co-owners account and then it'd just show up in the information of the character when they go to that character's page. Though, as stated above, it'd share the art instead of having to tag the other character's profile or the other owner needing to upload it as well, if possible.


I'd like to add something? There should be a "relinquish full ownership to x" button in case someone no longer wants to co own.

How would this work if the character was transferred? Would both parties have to send a transfer?


Ooohh, yeah. That's smart. And I would say one person would initiate the transfer and the other would approve it before it sent to the person getting it. Or if their was that full ownership thing one person would give up ownership and the other would send the character after.


i don't co-own myself but people who co-own each having separate profiles for the character always causes issues if i wanna fav them, because idk how to decide which to fav so i just fav both & it looks weird fnjvjnf this is a minor thing BUT it's mostly just to mention tht this would also be beneficial outside of those who partake in co-owning characters!


yoosung Yes! Exactly. And you wouldn't be getting the same notification when both of them upload the same picture. It would be one notification.