I accidentally commented on the wrong character asking them to change credit to my th name, but that wasnt the right character and i didnt even make it. I had multiple character tabs open so i just commented on the wrong one and i feel really embarrassed now. I edited my comment to just say the character was cute but the edit history can still be seen and I really dont like that i cant delete it


if need be you can report your own comment and ask for the mods to delete it and they probably will! but definitely +1, it's weird that you can't delete them




+1 oh my god so embarassing snsbsgdgdhd


+1 ! I always wondered why you could never delete your own comments tbf


+1 I comment on the wring character at times too and it's absolutely embarrassing and whenever I do a WTA in the comments I always get worried that they might steal the idea I wrote for the character.


+1 I rarely comment on other people's OC's, but support!


+1 would be embarassed too :')







You can't remove comments on others' profiles at all, but you can delete comments on your profile and on forums, I don't get it?

Especially since deleted posts at least within worlds are still visible to the world owner, why couldn't you do something similar to the profiles where the comment is just grayed out or something?

You also cant delete comments if you have to go to the toyhou.se/~images pages, even if the thread is on something you made, which is equally annoying.



This was an issue for me just the other day. I hasn't deleted a comment on a WTA before giving it to another user and thought nothing of it. This was 6 months ago. Yesterday they pinged me telling me I had won the WTA, but unfortunately it was just my old comment that I couldn't delete after sending them off!


+1 I definitely need this.