Suggestion: Don't let others delete your pics!

Posted 5 months, 24 days ago by Kaoru

I just found out that if you have characters that are both yours and a friend's tagged in an image and the other person decides to delete the tags (me and a friend had some duplicates), it deletes the image from your gallery also... I don't think other people should be able to untag OCs that aren't theirs? @[email protected];; Especially if they weren't the one who uploaded the picture!


+1 Yeah I agree that you shouldn't rely on the tag alone and personally I'd say just upload the image alone or just ask for the poster/artist for the file or save it yourself as backup

A request or not deleting the pic upon the tag removal would be nice. I lean more towards simply not deleting the image from tagged characters


Alphanix oh this isn't for co-owned characters! This is for if you tag someone elses character in an image! Say I drew a picture of my oc with yours and decided to tag your oc in it, you would have the ability to delete that tag from MY oc thus deleting the image from MY gallery while either deciding to keep it in yours or deleting it from yours as well (the only way to delete the image is to delete the tags, so some people delete all the tags on an image when they only need to delete their OC's tag and it disappears from their gallery)

Bellamy HeartlessSpade i think most people do save it to their computers! At first I didn't even realize tagging other OC's would insert the image into their gallery, and friends ended up with many duplicates upon accepting the requests. I figured it worked more similarly to tagging a post on Tumblr or something where you were just giving credit to the other character in the image, so if anyone wanted to check out the other OC's in an image it would just link to their profile haha. But in the case of saving images, that's all fine and dandy, but some characters have a LOT of art. Two of my OC's, the one I upload the most art for, have over 400 and 500 pictures respectively, so if someone were to delete an image from my gallery, there would be no way of knowing which image it was

i mean maybe having an option to choose whether or not the image gets inserted into your gallery or not when accepting a tag request could help in some cases??


Alphanix thats ok !! sometimes it just be like that... I just wanted to make sure you knew though in case you actually were using the feature! Sorry for kind of over-explaining when you knew already..! 9v9a;;;


This should obviously not work like that. +1.