Suggestion: Don't let others delete your pics!

Posted 2 months, 27 days ago by Kaoru

I just found out that if you have characters that are both yours and a friend's tagged in an image and the other person decides to delete the tags (me and a friend had some duplicates), it deletes the image from your gallery also... I don't think other people should be able to untag OCs that aren't theirs? @[email protected];; Especially if they weren't the one who uploaded the picture!


I agree with this. Adding a permission to remove a character in the same manner that they have to have permission to add a character would be most beneficial to all parties involved.


Totally a +1, though everyone previously has stated why I feel this way too!
I think it would be nice if when you delete a character's tag it just removed the tags on both sides, so each one gets the image but the characters are no longer linked through it! I've never run into issues with other people since I always get skeptical and copy and re-upload the image and then remove my character from there's, but I have run into the issue where I would try to sell a character that was linked with another and removed the image from one of my own characters' gallery by doing so!


oh god yeah hard +1




I wasn't even aware of this


+1 because I had NO idea and, while I save back-ups of all the art that my friends commission of our characters together, I do NOT like the idea of anybody else being able to delete images from my gallery like this. Especially because it's ABSOLUTELY a feature that's ripe to be abused by vindictive ex-friends and other members of the adoptables community with whom you've had a disagreement or a falling out.


+1 It's scary




I didn't know this was a thing and honestly it sounds so stupid + 1


returning with my support on this. found out someone removed my character from an image, and thus from my gallery like yesterday

luckily i had the image backed up and just reuploaded it privately/hidden but if i didnt have it i wouldve been really upset. it was a drawing id done as well