Suggestion: Don't let others delete your pics!

Posted 23 days, 10 hours ago by Kaoru

I just found out that if you have characters that are both yours and a friend's tagged in an image and the other person decides to delete the tags (me and a friend had some duplicates), it deletes the image from your gallery also... I don't think other people should be able to untag OCs that aren't theirs? @[email protected];; Especially if they weren't the one who uploaded the picture!


I personally don't mind this feature. Sometimes I don't want my art featured in a character I traded's gallery/I intended to delete it before I traded. I really don't use it to be mean or anything, sometimes I just upload low-quality images I don't want to carry to other accounts </3. I definitely see your concern though, I'm not denying that it's a... dangerous feature. I think if you didn't draw the image, you probably shouldn't be able to remove others' characters from it. 


PresidentGlitch I'm a little confused, can you still remove images from a character's gallery after it's been traded? I'm a hoarder, so I've only ever traded one character away and rarely adopt now a days haha, but if it were me, I would love to keep those low-res files anyway..! Pics of OCs are really sentimental to me so every little picture is held dear to me, even if its some ugly little pic someone drew with their eyes closed LOL but that's just differing opinion and i understand where ur coming from ;v;

As far as discerning who can delete by the artist name or not, that could cause problems later especially if the image is linked to an off-site URL (say they would rather be linked to their Twitter where they get more business rather than their toyhouse where they just house characters) ... It would only work if everyone had a toyhouse account they wanted credited ;-;


Well for that last thing I don't really think about it too much, I'd just like to keep my privileges ovo;;

But uh yup! I thought that was what this was about owo;;;; To explain what I mean-

If I draw some lil doodles, then trade the character, I can go into my "Art" tab and delete the character from the image (or maybe go into the other character who's in the images profile). Unless I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure I've done it before :'D

As for images I didn't draw I definitely wouldn't do that! How petty do you have to be to remove art from a character that doesn't affect you, man -~-'

But yeah, I totally get the wanting to keep all of the imaged thing, I'm like that too. I'm just not very confident in my art and usually feel like my art will devalue the character or the person may not have wanted the drawing but just uploaded it to be polite.


PresidentGlitch Oh no! This is about tagging character's, but thats kinda scary that you could do that from the art tab too, but like someone mentioned earlier, if an artist got scammed, lied to, etc. and want to remove the image they have more right to... What I was talking about is like... Say there's a picture of your character with mine, and I upload it to my OC's gallery and tag yours in it. That image will show up in your OC's gallery if you so accept it. After it's accepted, you can go into that OC's gallery and edit the picture and remove any OC's tagged that you like-- But if you remove the OC's that are tagged, you delete the image from their gallery. So, even if I uploaded the image, you could effectively delete that image from MY OC's gallery but keep it in yours!

also nooo omg..!! no matter how good or "bad" the art is, I think all art adds value to the character, whether it's monetary value or sentimental value! It just shows u loved the character before they got them!


Yeah thats what I mean :D It's the same thing



my ex is pulling petty things and this is a big issue


+1 Because thanks to having split from someone, their impulsive anger deleted an entire gallery of a ship we had so now I've completely lost gifts that came out of my friend's pockets. 🙃



I can't recall this happening to me in the past, but I really want it to happen.


Hhh things like all ya'lls horror stories is exactly why I add an un-tagged hidden image of whatever my character is also tagged in just so I have a backup copy ready to go e-e

I can agree to maybe a, "this user is trying to delete your tag do you agree?" kinda feature or something just so that there is, in theory, an option to delete the tag by someone else's hand but they've also gotta get permission for it?


+1 i totally agree ;;!