Make the new graphics Update Optional

Posted 6 months, 22 days ago (Edited 6 months, 22 days ago) by HandleAnimal

This won't be very structured. I apologize.
I see that on your to-do list is to make things more able to be toggled, but may I ask when adding new site effects you make them that way?

I understand many like this new feature, but I personally find it frustrating and it throws me off constantly. I'm not a fan of added motion/graphics personally as they always seem to just throw me off whenever I open the page.
Maybe this is just me, but I know when something that new is implemented I would love to see it able to be turned off. I'm not a fan unfortunately...

Just a personal preference I suppose but wouldn't imagine it to be too hard to implement? 

I apologize greatly if this was already suggestion and/or dealt with, or if this was always a site feature and I just now noticed it. 

To be clear, I am referring to when you open up a character folder on PC and it sort of bounces/drops down.

This also includes the fact the notifications bounce/drop down into place now as well. I don't like the awkward motion I see out of the corner of my eye. It's starting to get more and more noticeable..


I'm not sure what you mean about folders bouncing? What new feature are you talking about?



When you click between the folders, they sort of.. drop down? I don't know how to describe it. It seems to be an on and off thing as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't It only works on PC for me. (click through the folders, the characters and folders "fade in" in a way?)


so i just tested your folders on my pc and i see what you mean. i tested with my own folders and i don't see the same kind of drop in animation that i do on your page and it only happens every couple of times i load. that might be a bug and you should fill out a bug report via the HelpDesk.  i've ever seen something like that before and if it's only started happening in the last week, it might be due to the new flattened folders option? 

alternatively, try switching to flattened folders and if you don't like the style, switch back to nested? like i said, i'm not getting the same kind of flash-y effect on my character page.

as far as the drop down menu items and the kind of fade/bounce away effect when you close a notification - that's been a feature of the site since the switch to bootstrap so... late 2017 i think? there isn't a way to suppress those at this time. 

part of the reason why the site has a lot of toggle options is because of how it's built currently, so that it can scale regardless of screen size or device used to view it. 


I'm not seeing anything like what you're talking about, and I tried it in Chrome and Firefox. This is a new phenomenon for you? Could it be something like a recent browser or extension update causing it? What browser are you using?


For the notification thing I’m not referring to in-notifs, I’m referring to, say, if your browsing the forums, you can see them fall into place in the top right hand corner 


It occurs in safari on desktop

I checked out the flattened folders and I’m not a fan at all.. my characters don’t really fit together well when mixed unfortunately

I’ll have to check it out on friday, I won’t be on PC until then ~


Looks like it’s reloading from the server? 🤔 so a full refresh when you visit pages, I’ve noticed it around the site lately more obviously. It’s not really a feature :’> could be to reduce how much the site stores in its caches ? God knows.


Oh I’m glad it’s not an update! Lotor Wonderland

Should I edit my suggestion or should I take it down? Perhaps admins don’t realize it’s as annoying as it is?

I’m unsure, but whatever it is it’s driving me nuts, I’m glad I’m on mobile!


Maybe send a ticket :> it’s less a suggestion could be a bug and they might be able to optimise it? 


Oooh. I uh... haven't seen that but i'm on my inner life 93% of the time. 

I'm with wonderland on this - drop a bug report because that definitely doesn't sound like it should be happening like that