image/artwork price tag option

Posted 6 months, 18 days ago by alliure


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not sure if its just me, but i would love if...

when uploading an image, there could be an optional area to list how much the art was commissioned for or its worth ;v;
this would be for resale + calculating accurate value/tracking purposes c:

like, underneath each image (somewhere here) it could show the value of the art ;v;
and along with it, there could be a setting to determine who can see it (only you/authorized users/public)? ;v;


Putting it in the description doesn't work for you?


hmm good point, though i usually put random notes in the description and dont want the price ;v; (its a personal preference though)
also, when characters get sold/traded their new owners might remove the description >w<


I’m on the fence a bit with this suggestion :o like would it be public or a private thing? :o

Also, to go off your last message, what if the new owners don’t want the prices on their images if that’s their personal preference :o I know I don’t want/like when others know how much I’ve spent on a commission /.\ makes me feel a bit nervous.. If it was a private thing then maybe? :o Oof I’m blind XD I read that there could be a privacy option :D hmm then I think yeah? :o Ill have to really come back to this XD


:o oh no! I’m open to more options /.\ I was saying that I’m not sure if I would entirely use it :o maybe? But I know others would definetly benefit from it :o I’m not saying not to! /.\ sorry if it came out that way! I know others can benefit and others won’t /.\ I’m not opposed. I must have been half awake when writing my initial reply sorry! (Tbh I don’t even remember replying here x.x also, I know you pinged me, but I didn’t get the notification for it o.o )