Okay so the proper way to explain this would be "The ability to upload multiple art pieces, from the same artist, at one time" but eh, character limits. 

I've not seen this suggested yet surprisingly, but the reason I'm suggesting it is for example things like telegram stickers, or getting a hold of a new character with a bunch of art from the previous owner, or maybe you've just been binge drawing your OC for the past like 3 days. Yes, one or two drawings isn't that bad to try and upload at once, however in the case of things like telegram stickers where you can have upwards of 10 to 20 pieces all created by the same artist, it can be incredibly time consuming and pretty tedious. So I believe it would be good to implement something in the future like other sites like say stash or even social media platforms where you can select multiple pieces and have them uploaded at once.

I know there would be some issues with this, like the mature content filters. For example, say having one or two nsfw pieces in the batch, and needing to mark them accordingly. In which case I think it would be a good idea to have any settings of an image apply over all pieces uploaded in the batch, similar to how its already done from the "manage image" section, only from the moment you upload them, and then they can be edited as needed further afterward.

 As a whole I find this would be much easier than the current system in place now.