(Suggestions) - Breeding

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago by JB-Pawstep

A feature that shows a character available for breeding so other members could apply their characters to breed with the one :D

There would need to be a comment thread or something where the two owners ofthe potential "parents" can discuss who draws / owns the offsprings and such.


I'm not quite sure what use this feature would be? Like, how often people would actually use it? How beneficial would it be for the coders to code this?

Sorry, I just don't see a use ;; I think a post in one of the forums looking for breeding would be effective enough.


Gotta agree, I don't see this being necessary or much of a useful feature. If anything people can just simply tag a compatible character as such or make a bulletin/thread?

And perhaps this is just me not being as involved in the community and such but I honestly don't see "breeding" being tossed around much/at all here, unless you mean pairing/shipping then I can certainly understand that being a thing but in the end it'll be the same answer- just tag the character or make a post, which works just fine from what I see :o