[Rules Edit] -- Kin Characters/Albums

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago (Edited 2 months, 8 days ago) by Jayden

There's already a rule against uploading canon characters (Art Usage, 1.6) yet it's so easy to throw a rock and hit several accounts with 'kin' albums stocked with nothing but canon characters.

No bios, no info, literally just images of the character either from the source material or from fanart. No credit, just thrown there.

I understand that the rules are very clear, but perhaps just adding a section about "Kin/RP Characters/Muses" would be a good idea? Since I've found mentioning the rules to people that do this is met with hostility and "It says nothing about Kins!"

Alternatively, banning all kin characters. Unless of course they’re original works. Most of the time they’re just reuploaded anime or video game characters. 

Clarification: This has nothing to do with furries???? It's about literally taking an image from a manga, tv show, anime, anything and uploading it into an album of kin characters.


Eh. Honestly, I feel like it won't stop people like that. I would rather admin be better at enforcing removing copyrighted material on their site when reported. Moodboards come to mind, too as a big problem for breaking the rules.

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Kadrina In a perfect world, that happens. ♥


^ Fucking mood.



+1 Same, Lotor, big same.... one can hope


+1 per Lotor


+1 and a huge agree with Lotor


+1 because kin characters are just stolen copyrighted characters 99.99% of the time...


+1, agree with everyone else honestly


+1 Just because you kin with them doesn't make them not a canon character anymore that makes no sense.  Go ahead and kin with what you want but don't be claiming it or artwork of it with zero permission or credit that is just wrong on so many levels.


+1 Honestly mood, I've already brought up the issue of canon characters being uploaded here before where people skirted around the rules by simply drawing their own fanart of the character, but y'know apparently that is kosher. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


+1 all the way.


+1 fuckkkk I'm so sick of people uploading slightly-altered canon characters to this site and claiming it somehow belongs to them now because it's a kin or an AU or they made it a furry or whatever, for god's sake, that doesn't make it suddenly your character!!



Get rid of Kin Characters.

And those anthro versions of canon characters too.