[Rules Edit] -- Kin Characters/Albums

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago (Edited 2 months, 8 days ago) by Jayden

There's already a rule against uploading canon characters (Art Usage, 1.6) yet it's so easy to throw a rock and hit several accounts with 'kin' albums stocked with nothing but canon characters.

No bios, no info, literally just images of the character either from the source material or from fanart. No credit, just thrown there.

I understand that the rules are very clear, but perhaps just adding a section about "Kin/RP Characters/Muses" would be a good idea? Since I've found mentioning the rules to people that do this is met with hostility and "It says nothing about Kins!"

Alternatively, banning all kin characters. Unless of course they’re original works. Most of the time they’re just reuploaded anime or video game characters. 

Clarification: This has nothing to do with furries???? It's about literally taking an image from a manga, tv show, anime, anything and uploading it into an album of kin characters.


8bit as I said, they've been blocked. Hopefully not to cause anymore discourse.

The way you three act makes it seem like you're very drama hungry. Please leave this unrelated topic behind, the original post has nothing to do with it! 

Edit: Also I've never turned a character I liked into an animal... so..


suicideboys I'm literally talking about people uploading a screenshot of Pikachu from Pokemon as "Kin". That is it, that's all the topic was, it got derailed by children.


Ohhh I see, Yeah 100% that... needs to be stopped, sorry for misunderstanding! Honestly i was reading the comments on the thread and I got.. so confused, again sorry for the misunderstanding q.q


Oh believe me I want nothing with drama. I have enough of that IRL. But it does feel like... a lot of people here are. A lot of people get heated so quickly about this and refuse to hear any of the other’s side... I’m sorry you have to deal with that in your thread, and that it got completely derailed. :’/ You did make a very good first point


+1, no kin or canon characters or at least hide them and just play with your friends 


Never turned a character from media into an animal or something so IDK why someone is assuming everyone has done it at some point. :'D

+1 to this bc people seem to think it's ok to upload fanart of a canon character as their own OC. It's not. You don't own Loki from Marvel or Sans from Undertale.


+1 to the ban on people just uploading pictures of their kins... it's always weird to view a profile and go to look at their ocs and have all these canon characters show up... pleaseeee if youre gonna do this just make a single directory page for your kins and keep it on that page. that way you can link it on your profile if you really need to. it's not something that belongs on this website imho.
signed, admittedly another kinnie


+1, 100% agree that uploading pictures of characters that you might "kin" with don't belong on a site about characters that belong to you.


+1 , like , if you wanna show off your kinlist you can just like..... put it in your about or make a carrd for it ? i dont get why people would upload them here


Givin this a big ol +1


Thanks for the feedback - I've put up a sticky to collect suggestions for the specific criteria for a rule change, since it appears that there're some split opinions and confusion: https://toyhou.se/~forums/14.suggestions-bugs/96304.fandom-kins-rules-update-feedback-box

Incidentally, while our current rules do permit fandom characters, OP is correct that people who mass upload uncredited characters or stolen fanart need to have their galleries removed.