[suggestion] the ‘unsorted’ folder

Posted 2 months, 7 days ago (Edited 2 months, 2 days ago) by impvlse

I have had this idea for awhile but hadn’t known where to post it, but I think the unsorted folder should be able to be coded and such like the other folders. I have all my characters in unsorted because I dislike sorting them, and it’d be very useful! The only reason I used folders before was to give them funky backgrounds and say ‘Do not offer’. If the unsorted folder could be coded people could also do little introductions for their characters (versus your profile being your own introduction) and a somewhat ‘map’ of their way of sorting with folders. I’d love to see this done, let me know if you would too!

EDIT: I think being able to name the unsorted folder is a good idea as well.








+1. It'd be helpful to write a description for the unsorted folder too


+1 ugh I've been wanting this forever. Id loved for the unsorted folder that have the same properties as the other folders. I want to be able to jazz it up and make it look nice