Forgive me in advance if this has been suggested before but it's been driving me crazy!

The Adoption Center subforum is insanely active since it's for selling, trading, AND seeking threads; the majority of it however is selling & trading, such that seeking threads tend to get buried super fast. 

Seeking threads are really good for people who are having a hard time with getting their selling threads noticed because they can pitch their sales in a more concentrated setting, rather than hoping someone will take a look at their thread (if they can even find it in the HUGE pile of other threads). So, I feel like it would be beneficial to have a separate subforum for seeking threads so that they don't get lost in the sea of selling threads.

This would be less of an issue if there was a way to search the forums but unless I'm just really blind & dense there doesn't seem to be one.


Bumping this, because I really hope this to be implemented !