Invalid invite codes - March 2019

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by dawnpainterz

3 of the last 4 invite codes I've generated seem to have been invalid, not sure what's up with them but if someone could help or look into it, I'd appreciate it. 

I'm working on getting screenshots of it for proof, but the people telling me do not seem like the type to steal/sell keys. This is a tad frustrating as I bought a year sub just to hand out keys to friends and wanted to give away the excess. 


most of the time when keys show up as invalid it's often a copying error or an issue with the browser.

i've quite literally had keys that were so finicky. User A couldn't get it to work so i gave them a new code. I gave the (supposedly unworking) code to another user and they had 0 issues :/

have the people who you're giving keys to make sure they aren't accidentally copying spaces or extra characters (i.e., if you give them codes "in quotes" or [in brackets] make sure they aren't copying those too!). alternatively, see if you can get the code to work and make their account for them with a temporary password i have done that way too many times at work

if the problem persists, definitely file a ticket because admin tend to respond to that much quicker. 

if you need more codes because the ones you have aren't working, hmu because i have plenty.