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♦ this is a public forum, so any thread rated 18+ should use the 'mature content' option you can check on posting.

♦ guests are encouraged to comment and participate - any comic or patreon or commission-related questions can posted here or as their own thread.

♦ if you're in from the comic, there's a handy dandy nav panel at the top, but feel free to poke around toyhou.se itself, get a feel for the place.  they're in beta, and we can't wait to support them all the way to public!


frequently asked questions

♦ what is this
this is oven's account at toyhou.se!  a pretty fantastic, invite-only beta site for hosting character IP and engaging with other authors and artists of similar interests.  oven's peppersoap account will host character profiles (cast) and forums for audience questions and IP discussion, but you can do many, many other things here.  

♦ questions about peppersoap patreon rewards
can be posted here, if not at patreon.

what do i get for single-time Ko-Fi donation?
g r a t i t u d e.  if you'd like a commission, please contact [email protected] with both your e-mail and your shipping address, and you'll be given the paypal link.  

what do i get for a peppersoap patreon subscription?
for just one dollar/ruble/pound, you get access to the monthly update video, sketches and concept designs as well as side-stories and behind-the-scenes comics posted nowhere else.  for more than one dollar, you get to rest easy with the knowledge that you've helped support the arts through these our most trying economic times.  higher tiers and rewards scheduled for some time after 2025 - when we'll be aiming for print.

what are you offering on commissions?
my workload is pretty heavy right now, so commissions start at 75 USD and can be as expensive as 300 USD, depending on the complexity of the request.  all commissions are e-mailed with attached high-res digital copies alongside.  no refunds or pay-half-now negotiations during the process, but the image is yours to do with what you wish (free use licensing, hence the big ol' price tag).