Dunno who this OC's designer is qAq

Posted 4 months, 1 day ago by ShadowAkuma

got a new OC today, this one: https://sta.sh/01388yaxqshm
In a trade... And I asked who the designer was. But the owner didn't know

I tried reverse google images search - no results
I tried looking through the owners faves, to find the adopt uploaded there (all three accounts) - no results
I tried typing in their account names on deviantart - no results
I looked up their toyhouse/ Artfight - no results

I'm at a loss dunno where else i could look for the designer... Sadly there's no watermark that tells me the name and sign is a single letter, doesn't help a lot as well .-.
And yeah, I know I could just credit unknown but that feels kinda bad. Really wanna know who desiged the character
So if you have any ideas/ suggestions where else I could look, you're very welcome oAo