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Okay so what do I do if I don't know the artist and I have been looking around for ages and have asked consistent but no one seems to know, I got the art way back before I got toyhouse and was just collecting them in my photo gallery 😅 I rightfully purchased the art and have the rights to the character, the artist had no tos and didn't say anything about credit, so do I technically hold the rights to the art? Obviously the artist does too but it's just a question


You could try to find the artist with or a reverse image search if you're looking for credit. I suppose you hold rights to the art along with the artist, but you shouldn't upload it if you can't find their name.

There's also the Artist Identification Thread here in the Help & Questions forum section, if you can't find it with saucenao or a reverse image search.


Ah okay, I've already tried all of those but I guess I'll try it again, if I don't do it though can I just say like credit unknown, is there any way to do that?


You can just put Unknown in 'online artists' credit section! However there's a few rules concerning it in the rules in that if you have a bunch of them, and try to sell them, they can get flagged/investigated just incase its a scam or stolen :>

3rd rule!


Oh okay, thank you! I'll try and find as many as I can but these are super old characters XD