How to make a custom profile?

Posted 1 year, 4 days ago by Gore_Lemon

I want my profile to be cute, with lace and bgs is there any way to do that?


If you only want profile layouts then HTML would help but for the entire profile, like how mine is, that'll be CSS coding! You do all of this thru your settings: profile editing (this is where you'll dump the HTML code) and this is for CSS! When pasting/working on codes, make sure to turn off WYSIWYG for profile so it won't ruin the layout/code!

If you're looking for already made codes then you can look thru this sub-forum. However for what you're looking for, I'd recommend Wicked's layouts or maybe Fluffycodes' layouts!

One other note, in order to use CSS you'll need to get premium, so as of right now you can only use HTML. Hope that helps and good luck!


thank you so much! please have a nice day!