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Hi, I'm Azrael. This is the "Trading/Adopt/General Art/Word Guide!" If you need to know a term, you've come to the right place. 

This list will be organized alphabetically (To the best of my ability), to keep things neat. Adult-ish things are marked out with black, and there are no explicit adult terms here on this guide. Please understand that all of these terms have been put on here because they have been spotted in use on multiple times within the Toyhouse community, or in other art centric communities. Or, someone below in the comments suggested to put the term on here. 

If you see a term that you would like added, or would like something changed to make it more clarifying for yourself or for other users on here, please DM me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

All update notes will be kept in the comments below. If you have any questions regarding this guide, again, please DM me!



Adopt- An adopt is a design or character that can be acquired through trading, buying, winning a contest, or winning an ota. Depending on the artist, they can sell them for digital currency, or real life currency. 

Anthros-This is a very broad term, but it generally refers to non-human creatures with human anatomy. This would include human looking faces, human hands, feet, ect. Notable examples would include the Walt Disney movies Zootopia and Robin Hood's characters. 

AB(Automatic Buy)- This means that in an auction, there is a set bid the seller has. If this set bid is put down, then that means that you have agreed to pay this set price to the seller, and you have won the auction.

AB Pass(Automatic Buy Pass)- This means that the ab price can be passed if a bidder bids past it. It can also mean that that the seller can choose to ignore the ab a person does, and continue to keep the auction going. 

Art Thief- This is a person who has claimed that another person's artwork is theirs when it is not. Do not do this, ever. Not only is it wrong, I cannot guarantee that you will end up completely fine if you are caught doing so by another person. It's the equivalent of murdering someone here in the art/oc world, and it is not taken lightly, at all. Expect very harsh punishment when you get caught. 

Art Trades- The name is pretty explainable in itself. But what happens is that two or more people agree to make art for each other, on the understanding that the other person will make an art piece for them. The details of said trade can vary greatly depending on the people, and sometimes journals asking for art trades will pop up!

Art Style- This is the style of how something may be drawn. It can come in multiple forms, as every artist is unique, ranging from the modern calarts style that has very basic simplified shapes, to more realistic and complex shapes while maintaining cartoon like appearance, like the Don Bluth style of drawing. 

Art Slave- This means that you pay an artist to draw only your characters within a set time period, and usually try to create as many pieces as possible. 

Auction- A public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder. Remember, each artist selling as their own TOS that should be aided by, so take care to read them first before posting your bid!

Amino- An app where art and adopts are popular. Minors mostly populate this app. Art theft is common, and so is drama. Save yourself a headache and avoid amino like the plague.


Bara- In the world of trading, this term refers to buff and muscular men, usually incredibly hot. Sometimes used for hentai purposes.

Base- This means that a piece of art has already been drawn, and a second person who often purchases the rights to use said base will use the lineart to sell their own adopt, or to use it for their own personal art.

Bidding War- This means that two or more people have fallen in love with a design so much, that at the auction, they will continually raise the bid in a very short time. This is very good for the artist selling, so when a bidding war happens, it is considered a great achievement for them!

Bishie- In the world of trading, this term usually means attractive male design/characters, and generally have more feminine features than a Bara design. 

B(Buying)- This is simply another term for purchasing, it means that the poster of the thread or journal is interested in buying a certain type of design with specific attributes or designer(s) that appeal to them.


Chicken Smoothie (CS) - This is another website that is used to adopt free virtual pets, much like how the adoption forums of ToyHouse and DeviantArt is used to adopt designs. It is common to mistake the acronym "cs" that is used for this site as the other term for Closed Species, also known as "cs." 

Character Thief- This is a person who has stolen one or more characters from a person (or more) and has claimed the characters as their own. This tends to happen more frequently with designs coming from more popular artists! But, it can happen to anyone, so make sure your stuff has their watermarks!

Character Flipping (Freebie Flipping)- This is in which a design that was received for free, is then traded away or sold off by the new owner for personal gain. It is considered inappropriate to do this, as it is taking advantage of a person's kindness to gain something in the long run. 

 Closed Species (CS)- This means that a person cannot freely make their own character of a species, unless they have gotten explicit permission by the creator or have acquired a myo slot. The shorter version for this term, "cs," is not meant to be conflicted with the website Chicken Smoothie, though it's a common misunderstanding because it also has the acronym of "cs."

CSS- This is a coding program that is used to make everything (Along with HTML) on the entire internet, which includes this site! You can use this to code out some character profiles, store shop layouts, generally anything to your heart's desire if you're determined enough. However, if you are not a coder and don't want to hammer out some stuff, you can easily buy pre-made layouts (or use free ones) in the Coding Section of the site! You can also commission a coder to make you a unique profile to use for your own needs! Do note, CSS is not free to use on the site, and does require a subscription to ToyHouse.  

Coder - This is a slang term for a user who creates and designs HTML/CSS profiles and other things on Toyhouse. There are many free to use codes on this site, as well as pay to use and donate to use. Please do your own research and digging into HTML/CSS usage so you can properly use the codes as advertised by said coders.

Couple's Contest (CC) - This is a contest in which you draw the host(s) couple(s) characters in accordance to their guidelines. Like any other contests, there is no guarantee if you'll win or not, so please keep that in mind. (It must also be mentioned that this is also a debatable subject, as sometimes it is seen as just acquiring free art and conning artists rather than actually commissioning an artist and paying them the money they deserve for their effort. But other times it is seen as a gamble to due the fact that the artists are knowingly participating with the fact that they may not receive something, and that they may not win. Therefore, it is on the artist rather than the host(s) at hand.)

Comfort Character - A character that comforts a personal psychologically, and perhaps physically as well, if they have a pillow of them. These characters are almost always not up for trade or for reselling, and it's generally considered rude to ask if you can acquire them. They are often considered to be the character equivalent of a teddy bear for a person, and are beneficial to a person. 

Commissioning-This term means that someone is paying an artist to draw their character, or design them a character, in exchange for digital or real life currency. 

Custom- A design made by an artist with characteristics you want that design to have. 

CYOP(Choose Your Own Pallet)- You choose the pallet, and the artist fills in that design template with the pallet you chose. 


DeviantArt (DA) - DeviantArt is a website where people from all over the globe can post their art, regardless of them starting out at drawing, or if they're a twenty-year master of watercolor painting. This site has a very popular design community in regards to selling, trading, and giving away designs, and is sometimes considered to be a important backbone of the adopt community as a whole. This site uses both digital currency known as "Deviant Points," and real life currency like PayPal. Deviant Points are only found on that site, but designs can be sometimes have transactions go through on other sites in regards to using said currency. For example: Person A buys a design on the adoption forums on here from Person B using said points. Then Person A gives the payment of Deviant Points on DeviantArt. There is a calculator for calculating USD to Deviant Points, for your use, but please keep in mind that this is for only USD.

Digital Currency- Digital currency is the site version of money. Depending on the site, they can be bought, gifted, or traded. Sometimes digital currency can be switched out for real life currency. Depending on the seller, a design can be bought with digital currency.

Dream Design/Character-This means that the poster considers these exact designs they specify to be their holy grail of what they want, and are often willing to trade a lot in return for a dream design.

DTE (Draw To Enter)-A raffle of a character design in which to participate one must draw the design (or in some cases in Closed Species, gift art for other members of the species). Has the same meaning as dta.

 DTA(Draw To Adopt)- This is basically a drawing contest where people who are interested draw the design that is up for adoption, and whichever piece the creator of the design likes the most, they win! This is often done with species, sometimes done with regular one offs.

Draw My Character Contest(DMCC) -This is a contest in which you draw the host's characters in accordance to their guidelines. Like any other contest, there is no guarantee if you'll win or lose, and no guaranteed prize unless otherwise said. (It must also be mentioned that this is also a debatable subject, as sometimes it is seen as just acquiring free art and conning artists rather than actually commissioning an artist and paying them the money they deserve for their effort. But other times it is seen as a gamble to due the fact that the artists are knowingly participating with the fact that they may not receive something, and that they may not win. Therefore, it is on the artist rather than the host at hand.)

DTU (Donate To Use)- This means "Donate To Use," and is another version of "Pay To Use." Since money is still being given in exchange for goods, it is still considered a form of Pay To Use. This is commonly used in the coding community of Toyhouse, and in some closed species circles.


 EO(Entertaining Offers)-This means that the poster isn't exactly looking to get rid of their designs right away, but would like to know what offers they would get if they put their design up. Sometimes, an offer is enticing for the poster, and they decide to go through with it, trading the design in return for something else.


FanficWhen somebody takes characters of an existing franchise (Or characters belonging to a commissioner), and write a story based around them! You can commission a writer to write a fanfic of your characters. And yes, you can commission smut depending on the writer you're talking with.

FC(Fan Characters)- This stands for fan characters, a design/character that already belongs to a pre-existing franchise, such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Kingdom Hearts. Just like any other design, these can be traded or sold as according the designer's TOS.

Feral-Non-humanoid character designs with animalistic anatomy.

FT(For Trade)-This is basically a different term for up for trade, just using a different term with the same meaning. 

FTU(Free To Use)- This means "Free To Use." You can use this item freely, as long as you follow the guidelines by the creator of said item. This is often used for bases, and for codes on Toyhouse.

FS(For Sale)- This means that a one or more designs are up for sale with purchase of real life currency, or sometimes digital currency. 

FTO(First Time Owner)-Means first time owner. It's your first time owning a character of a species.

Fodder- This means that a character or design is only being used to trade for something better than the original design being traded. This is sometimes looked down upon, depending on what person you ask their opinion for. 

Furries- There is no single meaning to this term, as members of the furry community debate on what makes a furry. Sometimes it's dressing up in a fursuit and going to conventions, other times simply liking anthropomorphic animals makes you a furry. You'll have to look at the Urban Dictionary to get the best grasp of the meaning. In trading, this can also refer to only trading anthropomorphic animals/creatures as well. (While some have said that the definition is pretty concrete in current year, some also argue that it's still up for debate.  The meaning is pretty flexible for each person at this point.)

Freebie- This means that the design the person has is free. But, they can choose who the design goes to, so if they want, they can hold a wta and whoever they choose gets the design. There is a freebie bin on here where designs are given away regularly, so if you're interested in that, feel free to check it out!

FCFS(First Come First Serve)- This is simply the shortened term for "first come, first serve." Meaning, that whoever gets to the person offering something, they get to have it first! Like when you're waiting in a line to buy movie tickets to Shrek 18 and you get the last two tickets before they're all sold out, for example.


Gachapon- This means it's an adopt, but usually there is very little to go on what you're going to get and have very little control over what traits the ending design result has. In some cases, the higher the payment, the more details that can be specified. 

 Gift Art- This is the name of art that you have gifted to friends. Or, in a dta, your entry can be given to the winner as gift art, as a good gesture of no hard feelings if you don't win the design.

Gijinka- This is the characterization of non-human objects, animals/creatures, and concepts. Usually this term is referred to humanizations of pokemon.


 H(Have)-This has the same meaning as offering, it's just another term with the same meaning. For example: "LF Feral Emo Dogs, H Sparklebutt Cats!"

Hentai- The best way to sum up the term in case your gramma or parental unit is around is this: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 

HQ(High Quality)-This means that the poster is looking for high quality art or a high quality design in return for theirs. Usually they mean popular artists when stating high quality. 

HTML- This is a coding program that is used to make everything (Along with CSS) on the entire internet, which includes this site! You can use this to code out some character profiles, store shop layouts, generally anything to your heart's desire if you're determined enough. However, if you are not a coder and don't want to hammer out some stuff, you can easily buy pre-made layouts (or use free ones) in the Coding Section of the site! You can also commission a coder to make you a unique profile to use for your own needs! Do note, HTML is free to use on the site, and does not require a subscription to ToyHouse. 

Hoarder- A person who has many designs, and does not use them, "hoarding" the designs and letting them rot in their ToyHouse account. This is a very controversial and polarizing topic on site, so please keep that in mind if discussing it on here!


 Interest Check(IC)-This means that the poster is really just interested in seeing who would be interested in their design if they put it up for offer.

Invite Code TradingThis is when a person sells, trades, or gives away codes that allow access to this site. Make sure you read the site's policy on trading before doing any business regarding invite codes!




Kemonomimis- This refers to humanoid characters with animal ears/tails, and usually are in the anime fashion, not to be confused with anthro characters. (Though, there is an argument over them being furry or not because they have animal traits, but have human bodies.)


 LF(Looking For)- This is simply an acronym used to shorten titles of trading posts, and means that the poster is looking for something, which would be what they state they want in their post. 


MBTI- This stands for Myers Brigg Type Indicator, a personality test. This is often used for character profiles and used to describe a character's type of personality. These sometimes can be found in character games on Toyhouse as well. You can find the test here, at 16Personalities.com.

Merch(Merchandise)- This is when the poster wants to trade their characters or art for merchandise rather than art, characters, or money.

MI(Minimum Increase)- This is a term that auctions use. This means it is the minimum amount a person is allowed to raise a bid on when bidding.

MYO(Make Your Own)- This means to make your own character of a species, regardless of it being closed, open, or semi-open. These are slots that can be purchased to let you make your own of a species, depending on if it is closed or not.


NC- This stands for "Non-Currency," meaning that there is payment involved that does not do with any form of currency, be it DA points, or actual money. 

NFT(Not For Trade)-This means that the design is not for trade. Also commonly mixed up with NFTs. 

NFT(Non Fungible Token)- This is an art piece that churns money by existing, by taking a toll on the environment, and possibly being part of a money laundering scheme online. These are very controversial in the art world overall!

NFS(Not For Sale)- This means that the design is not available to be acquired by using digital or real life currency.

Non-Species- This means that the design is not part of a species at all.

NSFW(Not Safe For Whatever/Not Safe For Work)-This means that the thread, art piece, or discord server is not suitable for whatever, and definitely not for work either. This content includes sexual content, suggestive sexual, slight amount of gore, Silent Hill level gore, and any level of nudity. View at your own discretion.

NYP(Name Your Price)-This means that you name the price of a custom character, ych, or anything else that you give an artist something in return for. There is usually a minimum price that you can pay the artist.

NTA(Name To Adopt)- This means that you name a design in order to adopt it. 


O(Offering)-This means that the thread poster is offering something in return for a design.

OC- This stands for "original character!"

One-Off(ON-F)-This means that this design is not related to species in any way, nor is part of one. It is simply a random creature design by an artist, and is one of a kind, since it does not belong to a species. 99% of the time one-offs are not allowed to be turned into a species, depending on the artist's tos regarding one-offs.

Open Species- This means that anyone can freely make their own character of a species.

OTA(Offer To Adopt)- This means that you can offer real life currency, art, or other characters in return for a design made by the seller.  

OC Thief(Original Character Thief)- This is a person who has taken another person's character, and has claimed it to be theirs when it is not. This happens sometimes in species communities, and sometimes can happen in general, if a person likes and wants someone else's oc enough. 

OBO(Or Better Offer)-In an ota, if there is a better offer, it will be taken rather than the offer the poster was going to go with at first.


Points- This is the Deviantart currency. Many artists on Toyhouse offer point adopts and point commissions.

PTA(Pay To Adopt)- Don't worry, there aren't any pta meetings on toyhouse. This is just another term for buying to adopt a design from an artist or a reseller. 

PTU(Pay To Use)- This means "Pay To Use." In most cases, this is in regard to a base, but can be in regards to other things.

 PA(Popular Artists)- This means that the person might have a design from a popular artist they're wanting to trade, is looking for a design from a popular artist, or are only looking at offers pertaining to popular artists designs.

POP(Popular)- This means that the post has to do with popular designs, popular species, or popular artists.

POD(Print On Demand)-This is a general term that refers to companies such as Redbubble and Society6 who will take an art piece from an artist you like, and print it onto merchandise.

PWYW(Pay What You Want)- This is done when an artist is unsure on what to price their art, so they set up a bare minimum that you can pay on a commission, and then you may choose how much to pay the artist, based off of the minimum price that is set.

PSA(Public Service Announcement)- These are important announcements regarding people who may have scammed, stole, charged-back, or have done other bad things. However, because anybody can create a psa, there have been cases of where psas didn't need to be made, as the situations were over petty drama or just not being serious enough. So, make sure to take each psa you read into consideration and treat it seriously. There is an entire forum on this site dedicated to psas, and it's recommended that you take a look there, and keep an eye out for any new psas that are published!

Purge- In this case, it means that the poster of the thread or journal is wanting to get rid of multiple designs at once, and are looking to clean out a shelf or two of designs.

Pinglist- A list in which users are asked to be put on a list to be notified for something like adopts, commissions, species updates, ect.  




 R/RS(Resold/Reselling)-This means a design is being resold (meaning the design has been previously owned before) by the poster for either digital or real life currency!

Real Life Currency- Real life currency is money, but not limited to a single website. This currency can vary, ranging from PayPal to beads, to manga novels, it all depends on what currency the seller takes. For example, an artist might take dolls in exchange for art, or another artist might take PayPal in exchange for a unique design. A good chunk of the time though, it just has to do with paper/coin currency. 


Self Insert- This means that the character is directly based off of the person who created it. It is the same thing as a "Persona," which is another term for self insert. 

S(Selling)-This means a design is being sold for either digital or real life currency.

SB(Starting Bid)-In auctions, this means the starting bid price that one can place.

SFW(Safe For Whatever/Safe For Work)-This means that it's safe for whatever, and it's safe enough for work. 

Semi-Open- This means that after the common/uncommon levels, all rare traits and above for a species are not allowed to be made freely. However, the common/uncommon levels of a species are allowed to be made freely.

 Swap-This means that the poster is looking to switch out characters in the same species. Other times in can be in reference to switching one-off designs by the same artist.

Scammer- This is a person you need to avoid at all costs. Scammers are people who only go through half of a trade, then block the other person, not giving their other half of the bargain. They also will try and sell or trade characters they do not own to you, as well as scam you with any other offer that seems enticing. A very good way to avoid these people is to look up their username for any warning journals, and as well as asking your friends in private if they know anything bad about the person such as past scams and such. For a perfect example of a scammer, perhaps the most well known scammer of all, is MamaYuki, this is a example of what you want to avoid. (I do not mind at all using this person as an example, as they continue to try and scam people, and do not care to change their ways, thus justifying them being an example.)

Snipe Guard- This means that an auction will be extended by a certain amount of time until bidding stops. So, if a person bids at a certain time, the snipe guard will be activated, and extra time will be added on. This practice is done to help guard people who have been stalking an adopt all day and waiting for it to end on their bid, only for it to be "sniped" away by a higher bid in the last second. 

Sniper- This is a person who does not bid on an auction until last second, to save themselves money, so they don't have to enter a bidding war. Snipers are looked down upon, and sniping is generally considered a bad thing to do. Sniper, no swiping!

Smut- This is a term for NSFW art and writing. It is usually applied to writing, more than art, however.


 TBN (To be Named)- This is simply a placeholder name for designs and characters that have not been named yet.   

TOS(Terms Of Service)- The terms of service is a guidelines of rules that an artist creates, acting as an agreement between the purchaser and the artist. If the tos is not followed, you can be put at risk of being blacklisted by the artist, or risk legal action if there was a digital signing of the agreement at the time of purchasing. Each artist has a unique tos that is made by them, and it is highly recommended that you ask if they have one, so you can read it and ensure that you are okay with the rules that they have. 

T(Trading)-This means that the poster is willing to trade their design for another one in return.

Trading Fodder- This is when a person takes designs they don't really have a use for, and use said designs to trade for better designs/work from more noticeable artists. This topic is rather controversial because of different users morals, so take note of that!

 Tracer/Tracing- Unfortunately, this term is not in regards to the lovely character of Tracer from Overwatch. Instead, this is a person who traces over another person's artwork, repaint it with possibly their own characters, and then when done will claim it as their original artwork when it is not. It is a sneakier way to try and steal someone else's artwork. Those who are caught tracing artwork several times end up with the nickname of "Tracer", as it ends up becoming the thing the person is known for. 

Tent(Tentative) - This is just a shortened term that means tentative. In short, it means that the person is more unlikely to give up a design, unless you have something that they really want!


 UFT(Up For Trade)-This is the shortened term for up for trade. It means that the poster has designs that they're willing to trade.

-UFS(Up For Sale)- This means that a design is up for sale for either real life currency or digital currency.

UFO(Up For Offers)- This means a design is up for trading for something, depending on what they specify!

Upselling- This means to take a design with less monetary value, and to sell it higher for more than it was originally worth.

Uptrading/Paperclipping- This means to take a design with less monetary value, and to trade it for another design that is worth more than the current design that is owned. The term "Paperclipping" also means the same thing. 


Vouchers- This means that a person vows to buy something of equal or of similar value of a character they are being given for the seller. This is often done as a way to circumvent the design creator's tos rule of not being able to directly re-sell for real life currency.

V(Voucher)- This also stands for vouchers, it's just usually shortened so the poster has enough room for a general description. 


Watermark- This is a signature or symbol that is used to mark that a certain artist made it, or that a character belongs to a certain person. It is usually transparent and overlaid on the piece, or in a corner of the piece.

 WTA(Write To Adopt)- This means that you would write a story, and background to a design, and if the other person likes it, you'll get the design.

WTB(Wanting To Buy)- This is similar to the looking for term, but the difference is that they are wanting only buy using real life currency.

WTS(Want To Sell)- This means that the poster is wanting to sell a design in return for real life or digital currency.

WTT(Want To Trade)- This means that the poster no longer wants their design, and want to trade it for a different one.

W(Writing)- This term usually stands for writing commissions! As in, you want a written piece of art of your character(s) but don't want to do it yourself? Commission a talented writer, and they'll write a piece of art for you! (For a fee of course.)




YCH(Your Character Here)- This is a term that refers to open art pieces that are available to be bought and have your character put in by the artist. 


-Other Symbols-

$$$ - This dollar symbol is very basic, and represents money, or some form of currency. Oftentimes, the more dollar signs there are, the more money is involved in the designs that are UFO, UFS, or UFT in the Adoption Center or Design Marketplace. Other times, it represents the amount of money is someone willing to spend on art in the Art Marketplace. 


Okay, I have done the 2022 overhaul of this thread! If you see anything that needs to be fixed, added, or generally take care of, please DM me! I do not get notifications for this thread, as it is pinned!

With that being said, thank you to the users who have contributed to this guide over the years with new terms, or just pointing out general mistakes I made. I'll continue to do my best to keep this guide up to date and somewhat comprehendible. 

Changes Made: Fixing general grammatical errors, repeat terms, and added a new section for symbols that aren't the English Alphabet. For terms that have been added, there were a few, and the most notable one I added was "Hoarder." I'm only adding this after being asked numerous times to do so, in private conversations on Discord when people casually mention the guide to me. Given the controversial nature of this term, and the entire can of worms that it comes with, I'm only laying out the blanket term to what it is, with no opinion along with it, as I don't want to spark an argument on this thread. Because I'm seeing this term used more and more on site (most notably in the off topic and freebies sections,) I feel that it's finally necessary to add it onto the guide. Come to your own conclusion about the term, but please don't start an argument about the term being on this guide. I've only put it on here after being asked to do so by other users in private conversations on Discord. That's all I ask.

With all that being said, thank you for continuing to use this guide. :)


spooktoon theyre a closed species of satyr like characters :00

theyre pretty highly sought after due to them being very popular, tho even then its still hard to get one (unless you directly buy myo slots, which are cheaper than buying $100192019838 bundles…even then they still cost aroun $30-$50+) since they keep getting sold for such high prices adhhajdhajndjcs


Hello! I'm still new on this kind of word thing, may i know what "hs art" mean? 


Thank u for making this forum/thread (idk), its very helpful! 


what does sniping mean in the context of forum games? i hear it a lot ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3


_Kokutei_ THANK YOU SO MUCH *\(^o^)/*


does anyone know what ”tradebacks” are? I see this term a lot in people’s TOS and I can’t find the meaning on Google or any forum here ><


I've been seeing people bid on adopts (particularly high amounts) "with hold" does anyone know what that means?


insanely useful ty sm!!!


(sorry if you've already gotten answers for these, but I didn't see any here & wanted to make sure!)

diatzk tradebacks are promises/agreements that you'll only trade a character to whoever you got/are getting them from, which means you "aren't allowed" to trade/sell that character to another person, even if it's been a very long time, you've added to the character's worth, etc.

BloomShift to put an adopt/commission slot/etc "on hold" means you're reserving it for someone, so nobody else can get it while they're getting the funds to purchase. holds are usually temporary & each person has their own 'rules' with them (one person may only do holds for payments over a certain amount, another may only do them for up to 2 weeks, etc). something being on hold for someone isn't quite the same as it being pending, but they are very similar!


pendraconic Got it! Thank you for letting me know! :D