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  • i retain the right to refuse to do business with you;
  • do not steal, claim, heavily reference, or redistribute any of my codes;
  • my codes are for personal use only - you may not profit off of my coding;
  • all credit must stay intact inside all f2u/p2u coding: moving or touching my credits in any way is not allowed. this includes moving my credits to the "ownership" page of characters;
  • regardless how heavily edited you make my codes, you are in no way allowed to remove my credit;
  • you are free to modify and edit any of my codes, regardless of the code itself being free-to-use or pay-to-use. this includes anything from changing the colours, changing/adding sections, adding graphics, etc;
  • you are free to use my codes in any way you see fit. this includes using them as character profiles, user profiles, in worlds, etc;
  • please ask my permission before you pay someone to edit my codes for you, the coder must have been given my direct, personal permission from me beforehand rather than relying on the word from the buyer;

please bump up this thread if you've used one of my codes! your support is always highly appreciated!! QwQ
feel free to show me what you've done with them, i'd love to see!!
you can either PM me or comment here if you have any issues with your coding - i'll try my best to help you out!
make sure you're subbed to my account so you can keep up to date with updates, sales, and raffles i may host!!



he's back, boys


ooh, I'm using ultimately!! <3


using ultimately! thank you <33


careless is super cute


Going to use the simple, neat careless code!


I used ultimately! I love the code SO MUCH. There's just one thing I noticed- toyhouse thinks that any toyhouse page with the ultimately code on it is "Not Secure," with the little i symbol. I tested the code with different characters and user windows, same issue, so I think it's the code that is triggering it for some reason? Is there a way to fix it?

EDIT: I checked the cookies, and it said placekitten was using cookies, so I removed the placekitten images. It looks like placekitten was causing the issue. Weird.


loveemails oh thanks for letting me know! i'll change the placeholders whenever i get the time to! :3c


and @ everyone else, tysm for using my codes and i'm glad yall are enjoying them!!


using fluffy


Using Ultimately, it's super cute!  For some reason though it kept shrinking the images for the relationships, placeholders and the ones I inserted?


bunnaboo make sure wysiwyg is turned off for profiles and the code editor is turned on from your settings here! https://toyhou.se/~account/display




revival bump! using ultimately as well


Using careless! Thanks!