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Posted 3 years, 18 days ago (Edited 1 month, 3 days ago) by satvrnixne

✶☽ HTML & CSS Codes ☾✶

last updated: 5/21/22 requests for semi-customs open please read rules

Welcome to my code thread! I have a variety of F2U and P2U HTML & CSS codes avaialble. I try to put out new codes at least once a month, if not more frequently.

I appreciate any comments or bumps my thread receives and try to answer messages every couple of days.

Leave a Comment in this thread if you Download a Code Please!
Understand how to edit basic HTML before purchasing
Do not remove credit from codes; you may edit the credit link however.
Questions or issues? Feel free to comment or DM me!
Codes can be exchanged directly via Paypal if Kofi or Gumroad isn't working.

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ayyy I love your codes and already use a few!!~


smolderingskies ;w; ahh ty! ♡


Tweaked some things to work a bit better~


Using Folder // Crown and I love it! ; u ;


PorcelainPinch ♡♡♡ !


Just purchased Folder // Crown Can’t wait to input it after I get some sleep~ <3


Two new codes up!

P2U // $5 // User Shuffle : https://toyhou.se/4248416.-5-user-shuffle-html-

F2U // Student ID Card : https://toyhou.se/4488151.f2u-student-id-html-

Comments appreciated if you end up using ♡


One new code up!

P2U // $6 // Retro Collage : https://toyhou.se/4507140.-6-retro-collage-css-

Comments appreciated if you end up using ♡


One New Code Up!

P2U // $5 // Columns // [HTML] : https://toyhou.se/4527697.-5-columns-html-

Comments appreciated if you end up using ♡


bought and using columns, that code looks so nice!



Added one new code and have taken a few down for future edits.

Simple Crown has been fixed and is now F2U!


Centience yes I am planning to clean that one up a bit and release it as a p2u eventually! it has some issues displaying right on mobile and I wanted to try and solve those first *u*


using simple crown!! <3