★ ronnie's codes ★

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  • please don't heavily reference or steal my codes
  • if you use my codes, please make sure the credit remains intact. i don't mind you moving it or changing the symbol, so long as it's easy to find.
  • i'm not accepting requests to help edit my codes anymore. if you need help editing, please check my code install/edit faq and coding reference first. if those don't help, then please look for help on the forums. plenty of users are willing to help.
  • if you use my codes, i greatly appreciate it if you leave a comment on my forum post! i just love to see when people use my codes, but there's no pressure.
  • feel free to frankenstein / combine my codes with other's codes, so long as their rules allow it and their credit remains intact
  • feel free to go apeshit with editing my codes! tear them apart, do whatever
  • if you're interested in recoding or distributing an edit of one of my codes ask me first.


i do customs for pay! shoot me a DM on here, or discord (if you'd like a faster response) @ ronnie#6969 if you're interested. i accept payment in the form of deviantart points or paypal (USD), but occasionally i'll accept art as payment.

  • my base price is usually $5. this is for my time and skill. if a code is relatively simple, i'll move down to $2-4. if a code is particularly complex or difficult, i'll bump up to anywhere from $6-8.
  • asking me to customize your code with custom colors, box shadows, special borders, etc. is an instant +$2. if you're interested in learning how to do this yourself, look here.
  • please come to me with a good idea of what you want. i don't mind discussing ideas and such, but i need something to work with.
  • please specify if you're okay with me making the code a f2u for everyone code or if you want it to be an exclusive code for you only.


  • please make sure my credit remains intact.
  • i'll accept payment once i'm able to send a screenshot of the nearly finished code, asking for final changes / opinions.



Using "Howdy"! c:


Oh these are so good! Definitely using "Laid Out," it's exactly what I've been looking for!


using some!


Using "detailed tabs" and "tabby"!!
Tysm for these awesome codes!!




Hi! Your code for two ocs is very suitable for my CandA species x) So I probably will use it again to remake pages of my rest CandAs <3 



 using some (eyes emoji)


Using "Detailed!" Tyyy!!


Using some of these codes for my characters! Tysm for making them💕


i love your codes sm <3 <3


Very nice! I'm using one of these.


Love your codes, thank you so much for them! I am using one of the simple bits profile user, but might end up using some character profile as well in the future! :)


Using some of these!!!