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On March 1st I did a username change from "Eggy" to "Pinky"

If you can update your credit to Pinky it'd be appreciated!

Local Pink Enthusiast

Just a little spot for my toyhouse coding templates, hope you enjoy them!

There options for both premium & non-premium users.

Read the rules before purchasing anything or using any freebies!

Do not use my content for profit.

Post here if you are using a freebie (o o)d

CSS Layouts


Must have a premium account type for these layouts.

HTML Templates


Any account type can use these layouts.

Bargain Bin

$6 Grab Bag

Any account type can use these layouts.


Free Things

Any account type can use these layouts.


Random Useful Things

Any account type can use these.


Yes, this is the place you post if using a freebie


 may i get detached side bar? huffpuff


Faunicorn sure! i'll pm you


Could I buy (03) Colorblock please?


of course, I'll pm you !


They're all so lovely!
May I purchase (05) Stacked please?


of course! i'll pm you 'u'


@princeton those two particular layouts really aren't compatible with each other at all ' n ' sample sample 07 is a completely custom set-up (all TH defaults turned off, and i make divs and a custom nav) while 06 is just restyling of th defaults ! i'm not really understanding what you want, tho... i saw your question board but i can't really figure out what you want the final product to look like? perhaps you could draw a little mock up of what you want, i'm sure i could make something but i'm a little unclear it is on what you want made ; _ ;


@princeton it's okay, coding is hard to describe ;u;/ i can do that! i dont really have a template base for that, so it would be $15 custom. if you decide you'd like me to make it, just let me know! 'u'


lil bump to knock down my old board LOL


of course, i'll pm you!