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I'm back from my trip but now I am drowning in schoolwork & general life stuff; expect delayed replies through the weekend until I get all caught up.
Thank you for your patience!

Wicked Templates

Welcome! I am selling CSS & HTML templates for user & character profiles.

There options for both premium & non-premium users.

All layouts adjust for mobile devices - no squished content!

View template galleries to see all options & prices.

You may modify these layouts in any way you wish.

I can modify templates to fit your tastes for a fee; please pm with inquiries about edits.

I am away from home often so please allow me up to 48 hours to deliver your coding

To purchase, you may post here or PM me!

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You must turn off WYSIWYG for these layouts to work properly; do not use the source code button, turn it off.

User Profiles

for premium users

Click gallery button to see all options

CSS User Gallery

prices range $5 - $6

Character Profiles

for premium users

Click gallery button to see all options

CSS Character Gallery

prices range $6 - $9

Character Profiles

for all users

Click gallery button to see all options

HTML Character Gallery

prices range $4 - $6

Theme Profiles

These profiles are a little different - they are meant to server other purposes besides the traditional user or character profile. Check below to see options!

[ $9 ] Generic CSS profile that will work on user profiles, character profiles & worlds. All colors are custom + comes with various HTML styling. View the demo for a full explanation & features.

[ $5 ] Intended to work as a landing page for a story. All colors custom + you can add extra content areas. Can be used anywhere you can input HTML - characters, worlds, bulletins, etc.

[ $6 ] Intended to showcase a group of related characters. Hover to see details. Names are links to character pages. You can double the content to feature more characters, and erase content boxes to feature less. Utilizes the same CSS as character snapshot, you can purchase the two together for $12.

Newest Templates

lil bump 'u'

 may i get detached side bar? huffpuff

Faunicorn sure! i'll pm you

Could I buy (03) Colorblock please?

of course, I'll pm you !

They're all so lovely!
May I purchase (05) Stacked please?

of course! i'll pm you 'u'

OK - instead of frustrating myself.

How much would it be for U5 Tabs but with a floating sidebar like C11 Tabs?

@princeton those two particular layouts really aren't compatible with each other at all ' n ' sample sample 07 is a completely custom set-up (all TH defaults turned off, and i make divs and a custom nav) while 06 is just restyling of th defaults ! i'm not really understanding what you want, tho... i saw your question board but i can't really figure out what you want the final product to look like? perhaps you could draw a little mock up of what you want, i'm sure i could make something but i'm a little unclear it is on what you want made ; _ ;

;;; i'm sorry! i'm terrible at explaining things ! uh something like this?

@princeton it's okay, coding is hard to describe ;u;/ i can do that! i dont really have a template base for that, so it would be $15 custom. if you decide you'd like me to make it, just let me know! 'u'

Wicked ohhh yes please! just pm me your paypal and I'll send the money ♥

lil bump to knock down my old board LOL

of course, i'll pm you!