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hello!! i'm a beginner coder looking to share some of the codes i make on my free time. all of codes are f2u as of now! thank you for taking interest in them! i'll try to answer all questions one may have, but i'm still a beginner and have learned a lot of this from trial and error + prior html experience!


  • feel free to modify/frakenstein to hearts content! credit when its a large chunk of code youre stitching, but if its like, 2 or 3 lines it's all gucci bros. if you're stitching with other user's codes, please credit them as well. you may also reference my codes, just don't steal most of it
  • keep my credit visible ): you can move it around but it is not cool when it is taken away ):
  • fav the code/comment on it/post here if using i would very much appreciate it!
  • please do not redistribute my codes or claim them as yours. if you heavily edit my codes and want to publicly redistribute them for free, please pm me first and let me know!


  • most likely my codes wont be WYSIWYG friendly, keep that in mind!
  • my codes link to each individual code in the credit, all say cati, this is just my alt acc and i use cati/dogboy interchangably
  • i'm still a beginner coder so i apologize if any of my stuff is buggy/looks weird on bigger screens/etc!
  • most of my codes are custom color, some are mobile friendly while others aren't; you'll have to look at the desc for each code to know. lots of my 'other' codes have a bootstrap version for utility sake!
  • dont be shy to drop the profiles you have these codes on!! like a lot of other coders i love seeing them in use :3
  • have a very awesome day!!

Will be using these some time in the future! 


Henlo I'm back again >:3 I'll use much more codes from you in the future!! Currently using and edited orpheus for this baby https://toyhou.se/954133.deja-vu/9215865.history !!


Barquito ; tysm for using!! it looks great on blue! >:o what a cute dragon!!!


odaise ; i checked your profile out, it looks great!! i totally do the same with escaping from the real world to TH and my ocs :'DD tysm for using!!

SputnikSplash ; OH YOUR CUSTOMIZATION OF BOTH OF THEM IS ADORABLE!!! tysm for using!! <33

icecreampizzer ; YO HIS DESIGN IS AWESOME? both his old one and his new one!!! i love the use of the disclaimer to let ppl know its old >:0 ! tysm for using <333


new code: edge!


Nirvana leabeabun

kitty time


thank you for the effort you put into these!


Using Gleam of Hope for one of my dragons, its just so cute thanks so much


Just used the Video Game Lover one, love it so much! super cute and easy to use!



i will prolly be using a few of your awesome codes ! :]


Thanks so much for your pretty codes x3 I've used a simplified version of it for this character (didn't need the extra toggle, just wanted the nice and simple card)


leabeabun ; I LOVE HER. please make me fabulous too miss nirvana... thanks again for using my code!!! >3<!!!

Chirpy-chi ; i love the simple take you did with it!! :0 it didnt occur to me someone mightve wanted a simplified version but you did it masterfully!! luzarith is an absolute cutie :D

& thank you to everyone else that commented!! TT i wont ping everyone but im so thankful to all the wonderful users that use my codes!


new code: mobius!



Tbh, I didn't realise you could press the button to toggle the menu at first and got confused why there was so much more code x'D Thanks again tho, I super appreciate it ;u;