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ellie's html code fills!
PRICES - see after this section for discounts and add-ons
please note that these prices are estimates; i will always give an exact quote if asked!
very simple - $2

codes with little to no info, tabs or complex elements; may have one or two images; i'd honestly encourage editing these yourself, but the option is here nonetheless!

examples: my copycat, mined, the lost chord

simple - $3-$5

codes with more info but not tabbed; may have collapses or other elements though!

examples: only dreaming, the new now, wonderland

non-tabbed expansive - $5

non-tabbed (flat page) codes with lots of info.

examples: softer, noelle

tabbed - $5+

prices vary more here; depends on the amount of tabs and info within them. any code that includes tabs or a major component such as collapses.

examples: long story short (low end of pricing), sunswept, ghost train, atlantis, snowgrave (high end of pricing)

complex tabbed - $7

tabbed codes with lots of info. the main difference between this and the other tabbed codes is the complexity of the tab content.

examples: wangxian

bulk discounts: if you want multiple codes filled at once, a bulk discount will be applied! since the base price itself depends on code type, i can only tell you how much this discount will be when giving you a quote, so feel free to ask! basic edits: anything that isn't included in the base code but is still simple to edit, for example making a bootstrap coloured code into custom colours. +$1 complex edits: things such as adding extra tabs. +$4, more if it isn't my own code
currentlyopen payment viapaypal contact viadiscord or dms
  • i can only fill in info that you provide; for example, i will copy paste pre-written stories, change stats sliders etc. what i will NOT do is write your character's story for you.
  • i will only edit my own codes unless you have permission from another coder for me to edit their work
  • if you want me to edit another coder's work, please send a screenshot as proof of permission! otherwise i will dm them and ask myself.
  • please respect other coder's rules! i will not edit any p2u/d2u templates from other coders unless you have specific permission for that code.
  • i will not fill in content containing nsfw!
  • payment via paypal; i will give you a quote and start on the code edit once payment is given
  • fills should take no longer than two weeks, edits may take longer!
  • if for whatever reason i cannot complete your request after payment has been given, you will recieve a full refund.
  • if looking for just a quote, feel free to comment, dm or message me on discord!
DISCORD: nebulynn#5569

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