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west's codes

west's codes

ccxvii: coding account ┊ 021vii: main account

if you have any questions or want to talk, please post here!

f2u tos:

  • keep WYSIWYG off
  • frankensteining is allowed
  • dont redistribute my codes
  • do not delete my credit

all codes click here!
comm terms toggle!
prices/trades toggle!

terms of service

commission terms - last updated 6 jan 2022

  • do not remove my credit. it should already be out of the way, so theres no need to edit or move it. you change its colour to better fit your content / theme, but it must remain visible like the original layout!
  • do not redistribute the commissioned code. commissioned codes are for personal use only. do not resell, redistribrute, repost, claim or copy my codes as your own. you also cannot share my paid codes with other people ie. when u receive one of my p2u templates or custom code, you cannot share the raw code with others.
  • major frankensteining is not permitted for p2u and exclusive html codes. for my p2u and exclusive html codes, i ask that you do not significantly frankenstein my code with others. implementing minor assets from others codes into your commission/p2u code is okay, but the layout must stay similar to the original you received
  • i generally don't send many wips, but you have the right to ask for them. please work close with me at the start of the commission period as once i get started, i generally progress huge chunks at a time or finish coding in one sitting. progress is also logged on my trello if you only need a general estimate of where i'm at
  • you can request up to 3 revisions after the code is completed. any further edits and alterations will be charged accordingly.
  • if you want something specific, let me know at the start. please inform me at the start, so i can see whether i can achieve it at my current coding level. if i cannot code it, we can either compromise or find alternatives!
  • about refunds: i only do partial refunds unless i have taken over 6 weeks after starting. in the case that you request a refund earlier than 6 weeks, you will receive a 70% refund, and agree that i may finish the code and redistribute it as a p2u temp.
  • about payment: i accept payments upfront in usd via paypal!

if you have any questions or want a quote about a project, feel free to contact me!

prices + trades

code commission prices + trade info

key terms

  • simple: flat code, simple pages (a few tabs/alt pages with simple blocks, less info)
  • complex: dynamic code, complex pages (many tabs/alt pages, with more complex elements and composition. more sections, details, galleries, content etc)

about code commissions

while i excel in user and character code layouts, i can also code world templates, bulletins, commission threads, folders, and other miscellaneous pages you might need! feel free to contact me any time about a quote if you have a project in mind!

p2u templates

the p2u template option means that the custom code you commission will be available for others to use. you'll be paying the same price they do, and the template will be blank (not customised to your characters/content)

simple html only$7 - $15
+ minor css assetsstarts at +$5

exclusive codes

the commissioned code will be exclusive to you - you'll be the only one able to use the finished assets. the template will also be filled out with info and images relating to ur character/content!

simple html starts at $35
+ simple cssstarts at +$7
complex htmlstarts at $45
+ complex cssstarts at +$20

code bundles

if you're looking to get a set of codes, ie. a bundle for your user/character/world profiles, feel free to contact me for a quote! prices will vary quite a lot depending on what you want, so theres no definitive base price other than the base models listed above!

code edits

i can also edit codes for you! as long provide me with the template and content you want, i can offer my services that way too! prices for this service are rather cheap, as it isn't too stenuous, but i also take payment in form of art!

code trades and requests

i also take art in exchange for codes too! my characters are over on my main account if you were interested in trading art for custom code. i also sometimes do requests, but i will only accept them when i explicitly open slots or make a bulletin/post about it. please don't ask for a free code layout when my requests arent open LOL

featured f2u


updates and changes

20 feb 2022:
set up new code thread!

18 feb 2022:
published legacy

6 jan 2022:
update code comm terms and prices

5 jun 2021:
published noms' exclusive code

4 jun 2021:
published mellow

3 jun 2021:
published wave and sprout

1 jun 2021:
huge overhaul of coding account - moved pre-existing codes to "old" folder

code commissions closed
code trades ask
code reqests closed

your codes are gorgeous! so happy I came across this!


EnglishPhoenix tysm! i'm glad you like them!! <3


i wanted to know if your able to change the red/blue/yellow in the legacy codes/where to find it in the code?


cicada-days you can change the red/blue/yellow highlight colours by replacing "primary", "warning" and "danger" in each of the codes with a different bootstrap theme colour! although i didn't make custom colour versions, it's also possible to replace (most of) the bootstrap colours with custom colours if you know how to replace bootstrap with hex!


HI I'm using this code and ran into a problem I haven't been able to figure out: https://toyhou.se/11370961.

The image in the side bar looks fine and shows up on my computer, but if I open it up on mobile the photo isn't there? Is there a way to fix this I'm kinda new to code still lol

(accidentally commented on my storage account . ignore that)



PigeonBoat hello! the image is purposely removed from mobile, as it messes up the spacing on smaller screens iirc! it's possible to make it appear though (just remove "hidden-lg-down"), but i can't guarantee that it'll be 100% perfect if you choose to do so!


Ohh gotcha, alrighty! Tysm :-D I'll see what I can do with it then!


hih!! i'm trying to use the legacy code and i'm not sure where i'm supposed to put the image that goes on the scrollable background?


edgelxrrd hello! the main background should be located at the top of the code under the "main bg" section! you can also ctrl+f "img_url" to find every image you can customise!


im kinda confused how do i add the images cuz when i put the link in it doesnt work


shiningstars hi! you appear to be using the link to the image page, not the image itself! to get the image link, just right click your img and click "copy image address"


i'm using sprout for my profile! your codes are all so pretty~ thank you for sharing them ૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა♡


glizzrybear ah tysm! im glad you like them! <3



Im trying to use the code above ^ but I cant seem to put an image in the code? Could i get a little bit of help on that?


Therealskypaw hello! i'm not too sure how you ended up where you did, but the first line in the "main background" section somehow got messed up! easy fix though, since you haven't added in any other edits or info yet, you can just recopy+paste the entire dreamy code (in this tab, just click the box) to fix it! from there, if you use ctrl+f and search for "img_url" you'll find all the appropriate places to insert your image urls !!