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Posted 3 years, 24 days ago (Edited 9 months, 25 days ago) by cy

I basically went through everything on profile pages and noted down what each thing did so it'd be easier to code profiles...! It's just a matter of filling in the blanks. Some code has already been added but you can always remove it. Now with a character pages version!


- (7/11) Added links and stats, rearranged the code to reflect the new order of links in the sidebar; finished characters framework too.
- Added character folders.

Oh my god, thank you so much.


Corgi Glad if I can help! Your profile's looking good *v*

Hnn this looks awesome but it doesn't load for me x3 Not sure why >w>


BrightHeaven Pastebin's working for me at the moment hmmm...would it be better for you if I posted another copy elsewhere?

Hmm I think it's probably because where I live. We need vpn for stuff.. because almost everything is blocked. x3 Also question; how do you ping users?


BrightHeaven omg that sucks...if you want the frameworks I can put them up somewhere you can get them, just let me know where! To ping users type "@ username" without the space, same way you mention other users on Twitter and DA!

cy I have absolutely no idea how to work this but at some point I will. I really love the layout of your own (Simplistic with an wrot iron kinda thing going on.)


Teacake You could try changing the background/font colour of each element to see what it does! And thank you, I just styled it to look like my older character database though, which I didn't design...it's a neat layout so I wanted to use it here too...!!

I am having an issue finding the line that lets me change the color of the button color? Or I'm not using the correct thing to change it? Q vQ;;

I am using color: #00000; but that is only changing the text color. OTL;;

EDIT: background-color doesn't work where I try to put it. OTL;;;;


sonyaism Buttons are around line 130 in the profile framework and 98 in the character framework..! At least, I tried those and they still seem to work, though there probably are some other buttons that aren't directly affected...I'm assuming we're talking about the same thing here so I'm sorry if you meant something else, lemme know if that's not what you were looking for;;

cy Hmmm, I had changed those fields already. And line 98 wasn't where I was looking.

I changed "Label Varients" and it changed the buttons like how in the forums the "post" is blue.

SO SOMEWHERE THERE it happened. xD

EDIT: YAY MORE SLEEP. EDIT EDIT: TBH, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID. XD stuff works now so it's cool????

But now what line to change my background?


sonyaism ...??? Okay that's weird LOL I'm pretty sure I tested it before answering the last time so I'm not sure what happened there...if it works it's fine though I guess!! Which part of the background are you referring to? If it's the main white space then look for #content...

cy - I just want to change the background of my whole profile? Like how the BG is white.

Also, I played more around so I understand the CSS sheet a little more. Except I am having issues changing the font color of the label underneath the characte'rs name. x_x;; I have no idea where to change to change the font color of that. I found out the label color is under secondary label???

 This is awesome! I really can't understand it but still thanks. 

Would you mind instructing me?



Have you tried

#content {
background-color: #000;

? If you mean the font colour of the username label I think it's

.label.secondary a {
color: #000;

The a is necessary!


Hi! I think it's easy to learn if you try modifying the elements (filling in the brackets) to see what they do. Here's a nice CSS reference, whatever I learnt of CSS came from that reference + messing with everything that could be touched. I'm a bit too busy now/not particularly qualified to do any one-on-one instructing, but if you need any help finding out how to do something/whether it's possible to begin with, feel free to ask!