FREE Copy-Paste Profile Templates!

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by PaperInquisitor

Here are a few rules!

  • If you need to get my attention, please ping or PM me!
  • Comment below before using! (Optional but appreciated!)
  • You MUST keep the credit on the template! It is already located at the bottom of the temp, but you may move it around! I just want it there somewhere visablex'D
  • DO NOT sell, copy or redistrubute in any way, shape, or form WHATSOEVER - these are for your character's profiles ONLY.
  • You are free to edit these templates as you wish, but you must keep the credit there no matter how many times you edit the template!
  • "Frankenprofiling/frankentemplating" is allowed! (Of course please keep my credit there!)
  • If there are any difficulties concerning the profiles, please let me know! (But read the How To Use below completely beforehand).
  • Have fun!



  • It's easy! Go to your character's edit screen and copy-paste the template directly into their profile!
  • I DID make codes for these! They're located at the top of the profile for your convenience <3

  • If you have an undesired space above the tables, "cut (command/ctrl X)" the table and paste it right at the top to get rid of the extra space.
  •  If the table won't center, keep highlighting it until you see the little squares at each of the corners. Then you should be able to center it!
    • Edit: This may not work for the brand new update. If complications with tables continue, consider just remaking the table on your own!



  • I won't ever make you pay for a profile template, so money isn't at all necessary. But I will make donating points an option if you want to say thank you in a different way! Seriously, if you do that - even if it's only 1 point - thank you so much! I really, truly, deeply appreciate it <3
  • You can also donate to my PayPal! (Make sure to select no address needed) Again, even if it's just a dollar or a couple cents, it is super appreciated! :"D
  • I'll be making some more templates periodically, so check back every-so-often!



Here they are!

They've all been moved onto this acc!!



@Anahit !! Thank you very much <33 I'm so glad you like them!

I definatley could, yes! ^^ Feel free to PM me the details whenever you'd like! :D


all of these look so amazing, I'm having a hard time choosing which one I'd like to use aaaa


thank you for making these <3


nemmuri | @Queenlugia | Thank you!! <33 I'm glad you like them~ <3

mckinley | Apologies for the difficulties!


Short N' Sweet:


I hope these help!



@Fisty // mckinley | You're both welcome! <3 Enjoy!


Will use~! Thank you ; v;!!


Wapuurin | Awesome!! <33 You're very welcome!!


Omg amazing!! I'll be using the templates


I'll be using these. thank you <3