★ ★ Free HTML Templates & Resources ★

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago (Edited 5 days, 8 hours ago) by lowkeywicked

HTML Freebies

Below are HTML templates which will work for all users. These templates free to use- rules are in the coding document.
This post is currently under construction! Eventually it will have have more template options & coding snippets

User & Character Profiles

These layouts are purposely simple so that they are easy to utilize for all users.
More detailed layouts can be found at my coding shop !

Do not copy or "reference" my templates

All these layouts are free to use & may be edited however you wish provided credit remains.
You may not just copy part of a template & then claim the work as your own. If you use something created by me, credit me.
(Please note I am referring to directly copy & pasting my work; I don't care if you have a layout with similar elements, my only concern is the use of the coding I took the time to put together)

If you find my free templates useful, tips are always appreciated!

Coding Resources

Small, quick guides to various bootstrap classes & coding tricks. If people find these useful, I may make some more!

Alrighty, I've updated the first character freebie to have some new content sections, and uploaded a third character freebie!

Also updated the rules so people should post on this forum instead of in the bulletin. People kept missing that rule before so hopefully this will make things easier (o o)d

I'm so torn between the first and third ones for character HTML omg...

I'm most likely going to go for the third one for now! Especially since I don't have a lot of usable images to scatter everywhere for my babies hhhhh


Because maybe someday.


This is awesome btw!

I used the third character profile for Valente, thank you!!

Papes you can remove any of the images from the templates and they'll still work fine (: i just put them in there to demonstrate the coding how to do it, for those who'd like to use them. they are not critical to the layout working properly! (and you're also welcome to use both templates, or combine them together n some way). hope you can find something that works for you !

Aaaa, I'm gonna use the third one for character profiles! Tysm 😭😭

This is so amazing!! Thank you so much for putting this up for people to use for free! If it's alright, I'm going to be using the 2nd User HTML and the 3rd Character HTML for all my stuff. Thank youuu~!

This is fantastic! I'm going to be using User 01 (Perhaps 2?) and Character 03 for most of my stuff. Thank you for this!

I'm using both #1 and #2! Thank you for these templates! O:

Giving the third one a use! Thanks so much for having such good resources, seriously! <3333

Ahh, thank you so much for these, Wicked! I think I'm going to combine both the first and third one. 'v'

These are so nice, I'll be snagging one or two for my character pages ♥

I would love to try one of these! Thank you for making them <33