★ ★ Free HTML Templates & Resources ★

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HTML Freebies

Below are HTML templates which will work for all users. These templates free to use- rules are in the coding document.
This post is currently under construction! Eventually it will have have more template options & coding snippets

User & Character Profiles

These layouts are purposely simple so that they are easy to utilize for all users.
More detailed layouts can be found at my coding shop !

Do not copy or "reference" my templates

All these layouts are free to use & may be edited however you wish provided credit remains.
You may not just copy part of a template & then claim the work as your own. If you use something created by me, credit me.
(Please note I am referring to directly copy & pasting my work; I don't care if you have a layout with similar elements, my only concern is the use of the coding I took the time to put together)

If you find my free templates useful, tips are always appreciated!

Coding Resources

Small, quick guides to various bootstrap classes & coding tricks. If people find these useful, I may make some more!

I'm usin' the profile CSS stripes! ♥~

I plan to use a couple of these - thanks! :D

Thank you so much for providing these freebies, I plan to use a couple in the near future! 

I've not used any of your templates yet but I might and just wanna thank you for the great coding~!

I adore your pattern User Template: I'm going to be using it for mine, thank you for providing resources!

ill be using your divider character template for: https://toyhou.se/1361503.leontios

I'm using some of these. ♥♥ Thank you