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Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 3 months ago) by Awful
♛ HTML Premades ♛
Hello! I want to get premium to make pretty layouts with CSS, so I sell HTML templates for your characters!

- Do not edit and resell my code
- Do not give the code to your friends and such once you purchased it. Code is for purchaser only!
- You are allowed to make minor changes, like colors and fonts, but do not use my code as a base to create another completly different code
- Always leave the credit on. You can edit and move the credit, as long as it stays visible.
- No refunds
- I won't exchange an old code for a new one. If you want a new code, you need to purchase it.


- Those are HTML layouts, they work for non-premium users
- I accept payment via Paypal only
- All my codes are commented to make it easy to use, but you're allowed to PM me if you have any problem (only with my code though, I won't help you for other codes obv)
- I can edit the code for an additionnal fee. Fees depend on complexity of the edit and start at 1$. Just ask me and we'll talk about it.
- Images used in examples are not (for the most) mine. They're obviously not for sale and won't come with the code.

Each code is 3€70
Payment is in euros

If you're interested, post here or send me a PM. I'll give you my email address for Paypal. Once you sent payment, I will PM you the code c:

The layouts
All my layouts were moved to the freebies! I'll code some others soon~
You can use these for free, as long as you keep the credit on!

User Profile 01Codes

Black & White

100% width, 2 colors. Minimalist style.

Pixel Pink

880px width, girly/pinky style but can be easily modified to fit another style.

Fancy space

830px width. Visit ColourLovers to create a pattern with your own palette!

Basic Galaxy

750px width. Very simple layout, perfect for text-based characters.

December 04th;All the templates code are now free!
April 24th;Creation of the shop with 4 templates codes + 1 free code.

Using Pixel Pink. Love the layout, thank you for the free use of your layout!! C:


Will use one of the freebies! Thank you so much, these are awesome!


when i go to the codes i cant see the text? is this an issue or an update?


These layouts are really amazing, especially for freebies! Definitely going to use one for a few of my ocs when I finish their profiles.


Hello! I do not know if you use toyhou.se much anymore, but I wanted to let you know that I used one of your freebie codes and added in something from another (added a colour palette from 'Fancy Space' to 'Black and White') and I hope this is okay! you can see it on this character's profile, which was just my test while changing the code a little bit https://toyhou.se/2595056.airwaves I love your codes very much and find them very pretty, thank you so much for putting them up!


I may use one of the freebies; thank you for making them all, they look great!


I know I commented already, but I really love all these codes,,, thank you so much!


I really like fancy space! But I had a problem when using it, all the text that is a off-white I cant find where I can change it to black to make it more visible?


Aaa I'm not sure why, but suddenly I can't access any of the codes! I was able to not too long ago, but now the web page shows up blank for me.


If anyone has the code for pixel pink, could you please give it to me! Awful hasn't been active on this site for 4+ months.


Using the Black and White~!! Tysm for making and sharing~!!! <3