DnD character sheets?

Posted 2 months, 20 days ago by Soup

hey! I thought up a great idea! does anyone think they could make a mockup html version of one of dnd's character sheets that would work in toyhouse? I thought it would be a cute idea, and I think lots of people would like it.

Ngl! I actually had the idea a couple weeks ago to make some DnD (WoD even) esque character sheets! My hands are filled at the moment but I can try sometime after the 10th?

@venomous That would be awesome!! omg!!

can you link me to the sheet you're referring to? i don't know anything about dnd so i'm not sure what it is, but if it's simple i may be able to do it this week

DnD character sheets would be absolutely amazing!

hecc yea! this would be awesome!

Could it perhaps look something like this? I'm not really a DnD player, so I have no idea how much of this is relevant for a TH profile, but that's basically what it could look like. I might modify a few things here and there. I wanted to use border-image for the borders, as that would make things a lot easier, but unfortunately, that's not possible...the theme is compatible with HTML only, but you have to use my tool to generate everything properly. But given that the DnD template I was looking at was fairly complicated, it's a better alternative to wading through HTML tables. I'll put up a branch for it eventually.

SchwarzerAlptraum omg, that looks so good... if you could provide how to make it work I'd be so greatful ;o;

Okay, the branch is up. You'll find it here. There's a lot to unpack though because the DnD layout I based it on is quite heavy to begin with, and the only sensible way to do it with HTML only was to make use of templates.

Essentially, if you want to use the tool and my template to its fullest extent, then you'll have to touch command line and install Node JS. There's no way around that really, unless someone else feels like making a GUI for it. The instructions for using the tool are in the README.md file in the link. HTML, CSS and JS or EJS knowledge are required. SASS is not strictly required, but recommended.

If you're happy with the way the template looks, and just want to use it, I've added comments to make it easier to find the fields you can edit (just use the find function in your browser/text editor and look for these tags < !-- -- > (remove the spaces around the tags)). You'll find the compiled templates for that here. The template-css file is for premium users. Use that in conjunction with the main.css file.