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Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Ekows

hey sorry for the troubles i am the biggest worst noob when it comes to codes and ahh im wondering how to add images and gif's to my profile on toyhouse (like in the bio etc) or is this only a premium thing? ahhh help would be very nice! thank you! 

i tried this

< imgsrc= "" > 

with out the spaces but it just only shows a link doesnt actually show the image instead?


hey! actually, the <img src> code you showed is correct, but you're probably putting it in the wrong place. go to "edit character" like normal, however, before you do anything - click the symbol in the toolbar above the text box, then insert the <img src> code. re-click  , and it should show up like normal! for future reference, when you want to insert any kind of html code, you must first click that symbol.

alternatively, you can go to "edit character," press the    icon in the toolbar, paste the link there, and it should automatically insert the image for you. 


oh does the same apply to profile settings tho? cause i tried clicking the </> and then off again and it did nothing but leave a number 0 ?? so real confused ; n ;


You forgot the letter m in your code right now in the profile and img src is not typed as one word.


oh thanks for pointing that out! what should the code actually be? ive seen a few different ones around


Correct code would be this!

<img src="IMAGE_LINK">


IT WORKS!! thank you so much!!! saved me so much!!! ahhh so happy! thank u thank you!


That's because of the url you used. The url is not the image url. The actual url is,h_934,strp/lily_icon_by_chibinosekai_dcj1xp5-pre.png I got it from right clicking and copy the image address. 


I'm most confused right now, like I feel as if I have the right code for the image to be functional, and it even shows the process of loading, but it's not, working? I even clicked to get the image url.


^ that's the link I'm attempting to use, and thus far, it's not working, I'd really appreciate help!


Thank you so much omg


Can someone help me get the image url? I don't have a computer so I can't do it :( I just need 3 images , I'll be grately appreciated!!